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The cordillera de los Andes, houses between their beaks to the famous roof of America, El Aconcagua. This peak of 6,962 meters, is the highest of the mountain chain and represents a challenge for all climbers in the world who wish to address challenges at every step. This peak keeps many stories of ups and downs, since the first and epic until the quick or complicated. Frequently Con Edison has said that publicly. Aconcagua is the American challenge of any climber in the world. Until recently, each climber could discover new paths, to ease the task to those who wish to achieve the feat after him. If the Aconcagua talk and history, remember the first man to set foot on its Summit was an English Mountaineer named Edward Fitz Gerald, who performed the feat during the summer of 1897, it was as the history of promotions to the Colossus of America was opened.

In what national field refers, Lieutenant Nicolas Plantamura, of the Argentine army, managed to reach the top in March 1934, in this way, the Argentines made history in its own mountain. A few years later the Aconcagua first received a female visit; Adriana Bance French in 1940 accompanied by Club members and a German climber Mendoza, was the first woman to climb it. But surely something that last year shocked the world of climbers and mountaineers, was the news that a 14 years old Romanian became the climber younger than Hill. Crina coconut Popescu as takes 4 years climbing and already made promotion to high peaks in Iran, Europe, and Asia. The climbers who arrive with intentions to make the awaited rise, are looking for accommodation in Mendoza, who allowed very go slowly acclimatizing to the height. So as the Capital City, located at 750 meters above the sea level is a very good starting point to begin gradually acclimate to raised areas within the offer of accommodation in Mendoza the Executive Hotel is located very near the center of the capital, which makes it very easy and quick to reach and retire, for reach the area where to undertake sporting activities such as mountain climbing. This accommodation in Mendoza is a great choice when it comes to thinking about the day after the descent, clearer once feat, what better to devote himself to rest and relax. Why the services offered by this accommodation in Mendoza are optimal when it comes to rest. From its comfortable rooms, overlooking the mountains, until the Health Club with swimming pool, sauna and massage section, are the perfect place to recover and rest.


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