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How to expand the boundaries of perception? How to learn to think effectively, manage their moods and behavior? To do this you need to know the basics of the device of the human psyche. Science distinguishes four types of states of consciousness: beta (14-21 Hz), alpha (7-14 Hz), theta (4-7 Hz) and delta (1-4 Hz). The beta state – the usual state of mind of modern man during wakefulness. It intensified over the left hemisphere of the brain (responsible for the linear logic), the work the right hemisphere (associated with imaginative thinking) is very limited, and mental powers are used only a few percent. Theta and Delta states – a state of sleep, hypnosis and meditation.

Most harmoniously our brain is in alpha status – when the function of the left and right hemispheres are balanced. This condition is usually for children, but is lost with age as a result of the accumulation of mental overload. Anxiety, stress, fear and other negative feelings leave traces in the human psyche, preventing him to perceive the world objectively and effectively in it. Thanks to the invention Mind-machines – devices to control their condition, it became possible to successfully and quickly remove excess stress. These home appliances help deeply relax for a short time. After spending only 15-30 minutes, the person receives a charge of energy, vitality, it is easy to get rid of a headache and ailments, increases the ability to control his mood – and hence life! To 'the West' by happy owners of the various 'MIND MACHINES' (the literal translation 'machine intelligence') recently exceeded one million, the Russian reader rarely meets the press in cryptic messages that this or that famous foreign musician, actor or Olympic champion has a home trainer for the brain. It is known that the Mind-machine for the creation and recreation use and enjoy, Demi Moore, Burt Reynolds, Patrick Sveyzi, Quincy Jones (producer of the album 'Thriller' by Michael Jackson), Brad Grich Lyusaviya (world champion of surfing), and many other celebrities. It's time to change life for the better! Look into my consciousness! More information about this topic can be found here: – What is the Mind-Machine? – Questions and answers on the Mind-Machine


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