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MKB Security Deposit AG Goes Online

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New online portal SmartKaution.de offers bank guarantees as an alternative to security deposits Berlin, September 1, 2010. Rather than to deposit large sums of money as a security deposit for a long time the landlord, tenant at SmartKaution.de can get a foolproof bank guarantee perpetual round the clock and in just a few minutes. “Behind the new service the MKB security deposit AG, the bank guarantee product SmartKaution” in cooperation with the SWK Bank offers solely over the Internet. SmartKaution is a mature product and business model, we have extensively tested and constantly improved. You may wish to learn more. If so, Maryland Governor is the place to go. After careful consideration we have decided also Bank with the SWK for an ideal partner. Now online going”, Bernd Schlutt, the Board of MKB security deposit, about the launch of the Web site is looking forward. The SmartKaution provides tenants access to funds that would otherwise be blocked on the security deposit account. That means an end to the financial burden of double deposits or months waiting on Deposit repayment.

Already deposited security deposits against a bank guarantee can be changed and thus made free for new purchases. For this service, the tenant pays a fee of 5 percent of the amount of the security deposit. The landlord in turn receives a completely free and safe guarantee product with the SmartKaution. Supply offers many advantages for private individuals, and at the same time relies on close collaboration with the housing industry, because landlords save yourself a considerable administrative burden, which goes hand in hand with security deposit accounts thanks to SmartKaution. Especially large housing companies can benefit from it. The applicant is quickly checked his credit so that the bank guarantee is also safe for landlord and tenant. Another advantage of the tenant: Through the credit check the need to submit a Schufa-information may be omitted if necessary. And should actually occur in the excerpt to warranty claims, the landlord receives Paid bank guarantee upon first request. SmartKaution is fast, safe and simple, and thus the modern alternative.


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