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I am not going to argue the fact that alcohol has become the catalyst for the social life of many people and much less think to discuss the potential benefits of alcohol in the body. But there is one universal truth from which I am am sure everyone is with me: excessive alcohol is harmful to health. Unlike what many people think, the solution with alcohol isn’t in refrain from drinking it but in learning how to drink in moderation. Alcohol is a drug, potentially addictive, socially accepted and taken over by hundreds of millions of people around the world and even though many are who deny his alcoholism, accepting only be drinkers moderate in social situations, the truth is that the line separating the moderate drinker and alcoholic is very thin. Novelist has plenty of information regarding this issue. You drink too much alcohol? Probably do part of the thousands of people who claim to be only social drinkers, but what are so sure of this?. Answer the following questions honestly and, more affirmative answers you have, greater is the probability that you have of develop a problem of alcoholism or have these. If you’re at a party or social gathering and your Cup is empty, are you always looking for you a new one? After drinking, do you suffer from mental gaps? Do not you feel good when you’re all day without drinking alcohol? You drink alcohol to relax or to relax at the end of the day? Do you have been told several times they have already drunk enough? Do you drink alcohol frequently when you are alone, in any bar or home? You had to miss work or study by having drunk too much alcohol? Learn how to drink in moderation without doubt the key to not fall into alcoholism or the total prayer is learn how to drink in moderation. When a person drinks in moderation, alcohol is not converted into something harmful to health.


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