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The presence of flowers on separate plants, occurs as a result of a modification in certain branches; so from an axillary bud begin to birth flowers, giving way to the formation of a structure optimal for playback. So the birth of flowers is given as a response of the plant, which will be a reprogramming, which starts from the basis of ontogenetical cycle, i.e. a vegetative growth, to give rise to the phase of reproduction, which takes place with the flowering. John Mclaughlin can provide more clarity in the matter. Speaking of flowering, is this referring to the same birth of flowers, since a change of growth, is given in the plant since before the growth of the plant was undetermined, while the flowering growth is determined. More exactly bloom consists in the establishment of a new cell lineages of plants, what surely will be the result of a new cell identity. When the process of flowering and therefore that of the birth of the flower trips, the shape of Apex began to submit changes. Within the vegetative growth, apical meristems, due to its mitotic activity and by the accompaniment of the process of elongation, differentiation and Morphogenesis, submit a localized and indeterminate, growth that will place origin to different organs tissues of the primary structure of the plant.

Very important within everything what implies the birth and growth of the flower is the reproductive meristem, which is very similar to the vegetative meristem, but the value of the reproductive meristem in the flowering process, is that with this a change occurs in the cell synchrony and the regions of cell division. Pursuant to the above, in the flowering occurs the change of activity and the vegetative meristem to reproductive meristem differentiation; Thanks to its action within the plant, which manages own flower components originate. One of the main factors for which is the induction and the floral primordia formation or in terms more simple the birth of flowers, they are internal as light and temperature factors, since these conditioned floral stimulation. Before the above factors that influence flowering, should be great attention to the foto-periodismo; Since this point comprises different processes of the development of the flower, such as flowering, the beginning of the Dormition, senescence, abscission of leaves, activity of the cambium among many others; so photojournalism sorts and points to the meristem places of cell division, according to the elativa duration of day and night. A general view of flowers, photo-periodic conditions are perceived by the leaves and not directly by meristems, so the intensity and quality of light produces a stimulus leaves in plants flowering and subsequently began flowering in the meristems.


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