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Mother Extraterrestrial

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To prevent extraterrestrial technology from falling into the hands of Iraqi dictator Saddam, the Americans, under the guise of combating ‘terrorism’ and without the sanction of the un went into Iraq to confiscate the extraterrestrial technology they received. According to some ufologists, contacts, the Americans agreed with the extraterrestrial tehno-civilization to exchange technology that they are in the Earth behaving freely. They can be themselves without the permission of the Americans to act on the territory of the Earth, but they do not want to break the cosmic law of non-interference. When the Americans gave permission for the free action, they will tomorrow be responsible for this action to the forces of the cosmos. Unfriendly attitude of these extraterrestrial to mankind often the world’s media note. In turn, the global media is trying all the extraterrestrial civilizations visiting Earth to show only a black background. This is done with a purpose. Humanity itself is alien to the other stellar systems.

Our space brothers have always helped us and unnoticed since the onset of strangers watching humanity to it that – something is not done, they have not forgotten the lesson of Atlantis. The emergence of extraterrestrial ships in our space in 40 years has increased dramatically. After humanity has developed and used against their fellow nuclear weapons. Often their appearance is recorded near military installations. They know that it is not God forbid that terrible weapons falling into the hands of dictators, fanatics, then of our civilization and the Mother – the Earth does not .Kogda on a ship ‘Apollo 13’ accident happened and he could not have landed, the real reason of this accident Americans were silent.


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