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Mother Owl – Infantile Story

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The Owner Owl needed to leave pra to look foods for its creates just left the egg, but she had fear, therefore wise person who the gavio was going up to around the place. Novelist addresses the importance of the matter here. As it knew the gavio of times, it arrived in it and it asked for: – Compadre gavio, necessary to leave a little pra to hunt and to feed my filhotinhos, and would like that it made me the favor of not devora them, therefore they are very novinhos and it does not have as if to defend. – All good comadre, for our old friendship, I will not make this. But as I will make pra to recognize them enters as many nests? – However, but it is well simple. My younglings are prettiest of all bush, do not have as confundiz them with other wrinkled younglings, therefore between all they are prettiest. Made the treatment, it left easied to hunt and it returned after some hours. Which was not its desperation when it found its nest all destroyed e, worse, without no youngling the sight. Very chateada it was to look compadre pra to take satisfaction. – But that its is this compadre, I ask for that she saves mine you create and exactly they are that she takes by coffee of morning? our agreement? – Not, comadre, I did not make this. You pray, therefore as it said me to Mrs. that its younglings were prettiest of the bush and I needed to feed myself, I searched in the feinhos trees, when I came across myself with the bichinhos horrendos than vi in the life.


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