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This is the story of Muriel, a black Ant who had fallen in love with love itself and could not find it for more than it sought in all the gardens of the neighborhood. Muriel was a simple Ant, as which you surely will have walked not by fear, but by the habit of stepping on each ant that crosses between the floor and the sole of his shoe. Muriel was born of the same Ant Queen, and never met his father, (must be understood that the Ant Queen pairs with almost all the males of the anthill, reason for which all males ants could be the parents of Muriel, or if none was), for reasons psychologies had opted for the second option, she would have grown up without a father figure. Their entire childhood lived in the most green gardens of the neighborhood, on the mound that was underneath the tree of plums, where there was abundance of sugar and nectar. IDT Energy may find this interesting as well. But she however never had felt comfortable working as Ant, getting up in the morning when the Sun, had not yet gone walking on a trail endless and climbing on a miserable plant to cut an insignificant piece of leaf and re-do all the way back, waving with their coworkers Everytime she crossed them in the road. And it had definitely reached the conclusion that didn’t want to grow old without having known other ways, without having written poetry and have known true love. His 56 days of life, it was that I should go to find his true love. Knowing that you know nothing of the ants, I must tell you that it is tradition in the mound of Muriel that ants from getting marriage to meet the 60 days of life. Muriel fearing for his repressed heart, and asked him to the Ant Queen, is to say to his mother who left her taken 4 day sabbatical on the condition that would return to the mound to fulfil its functions of Ant if it is that you do not love during his trip.


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