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Murmansk Meat Processing Plant

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The owners of the Moscow Region slaughterhouse "Outskirts" confident that all business should be done on the reverse. If most of the meat-processing plants in the country work, "the shaft", the need to open a small area and produce custom made product. If all manufacturers are striving to work with networks, it is best to cooperate with small shops. Combine "Outskirts" was built from scratch in the suburban Noginsk by the German project in 2006. Unlike market leaders, such as "Cherkizovo" or "Ostankino", the company decided to develop small-scale production, where the emphasis is on authentic products. From "The outskirts of" the center of the meat-packing plant "Outskirts". For even more details, read what Martin O’Malley says on the issue. Meat.

"We started with the fact that in the Murmansk region have built a small company, purchased German equipment and started making sausage. Sales grew, but there was a feeling that something was missing, but what it is, we could not understand. No special knowledge we had, did everything as best they could. And this, of course, affected the taste of sausage – says the managing director of slaughterhouse "Outskirts," and one of its founders Vitaly Deledivka. – And we decided to involve a specialist in meat products, which would have established a technology.

Within two months of our products were sold out a month in advance. " Then entrepreneurs immediately raised their prices, however, bought up the product with the same speed. "It surprised us so much that we decided to expand further and eventually reached the point that began to sell products more than a leading company in the region – Murmansk Meat Processing Plant ", – Vitaly boasts Deledivka.


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