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Is not surprising that his work has been exhibited in many countries and that some of his photographs are permanent part of la Maison Europeenne collections of the Photographie de Paris, as well as the Museum of contemporary art in New York. They say that photography has no gender, both women and men can capture the same images. But the truth is that some women have photographed subjects that were probably not imported both photographers. I think about those daring women who photographed the suffragettes of the early century, or as Colita that documented the catalan feminist movement of the 1970s. Although Colita photographed most of the characters that made up the Barcelona group La Gauche Divine, he has also portrayed big names from the world of flamenco and the intelligentsia.

His thousands of photographs include those of characters such as Antonio Gades, Rafael Alberti, Joan Miro, La Chunga, Carmen Amaya, Dali, Ana Maria and Terenci Moix, Orson Welles, Ana Maria Matute and Joan Manuel Serrat, among others. At the beginning of the sixties he worked with Xavier Miserachs and after a two year stay in Madrid returned to his hometown where he collaborated with Frames, World Journal, and target, among others. At the beginning of the 1970s he was Director of photography of historic vindication feminist magazine. With his camera captured numerous manifestations, and documented the various activities of the feminist movement, the launch of the magazine, meetings, talks, graffiti and street performances. The images captured in the Barcelona women’s prison, as well as strikes of workers in transition are especially poignant. Lover of his city has immortalized thousands of everyday moments of the streets of Barcelona and its inhabitants. There have been and there are many women that have made photography his art and profession, and I hope that this brief tour encourage readers and readers of Maginaria to investigate further and to pick up the camera and capture all the beauty that surrounds us. To see the work of Isabel Munoz: Colita: * article published in Revista Maginaria, no. 3, July 2009, published by the women’s delegation of the Seville Town Hall.


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