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My First Birth

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We listened class about the different types of Pelvis, Prof. Dr. Evaristo Mejia Aroca lectured on the subject, in the Bethlehem Hospital from Trujillo and suddenly the OB, an old lady enters the precinct and said “Dr. Excuse me …. But has admitted a patient in labor “… well I told the teacher … at this point is to examine a student! And to our question: Who wants to attend to? …

I doctor! … Very good student will set up with the OB and went with her and he told me … There’s the patient in room number three … have these gloves and !… as you are not going to join me? “caused me tell you,” but I did not just you! And I went to the aforementioned fourth Good morning ma’am, “saluted” the patient writhed in pain … no attention to me … I saw it and discovered I was a young man about 20 years, which tend to be chubby, sweating profusely , shouted, howled … I do not know but that was a scream scared …

lie on the couch Madam Please! “I said gently,” Not if I did, still screaming Help me, Doctor Doctor … “shouted” Look I am the doctor for examination and lie – I said NO … You ‘re practicing! – said, “and I kept shouting to the doctor!, Bring the Dr.! And as I kept insisting to lie began, Mom! That comes my mom!


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