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What plans do you have for the future? We want to offer continuously expand and be there in the future set to unique. In addition want to we increasingly artist feature, which are entirely located in a higher price segment. What influence has the universally discussed economic crisis on the art market, and specifically on the business with African paintings? Yes, heard often, that is the propensity to consume. Also luxury goods are reportedly affected. Nevertheless, African paintings have their market, as far as possible regardless of the current economic situation.

This is because we so make the prices at MyAfricanPainting.de, first that they remain affordable for all budgets. In addition, I am convinced that art is one of the basic needs. From my point of view, this is a very important achievement of mankind, which should throw them in difficult economic situation not overboard. Why you make the price offer so much in the foreground? Because many potentially not believe art lovers. that beautiful art can be so cheap.

And we hope that African paintings should enrich each household, at a reasonable price. Is planned because even an art opening with the African paintings of MyAfricanPainting.de? Yes, is in planning. So we want to show exactly the contrast of decorative applied art and artist ICH demanding authentic art. So visitors of the opening on the concrete example be can decide for themselves what counts and is important: decorative applied art or just authentic African paintings, which can be more expensive then ever by a factor of ten. Actually, what is your favorite image from the current offer, and why? You know that is not easy to say to. I have a slew of favorites of various styles the same. As an example I would like to “don’t look back” name (see figure next page). It combines the typical African theme – woman traveling with heavy load – with a downright avant-garde artistic very dynamically, Implementation. This contrast between tradition and new won Dynamics stands for today’s Africa. Ms. Amoah, thank you for the interview! The interview was conducted by Magnus Kron contact:


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