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Natural Law

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Now we could say, that mankind is fraught with Improvised leaders, i.e. that it played by those recurring psychological factors of the past (that each wearer in your unconscious, subconscious e) infraconciente), take care of any situation (good or bad), ordered by the Natural Law. Quite another thing, is that human being that is revealed against himself and against everything, fighting to cancel their “old debts”, initiating the experimentation of the REAL thing, with that which is beyond the affections and the mind, with what is not time, to go progressively achieving the VISION strategic authentic so is born the true leader. The authentic leader, respects the laws and the established order in this physical world, is not prisoner of any concept, dogma, ideology or theory, is not seduced by any political end, route of the Centre, (the one that connects to the intuitos from on high) is a being who loves or justice, freedom, peace, etc. Then of what leader can talk those who dictate courses, if they themselves do not know where they stand?

There are some people who catalogued her books as multi-ayuda, others say they have had enough doses of religiosity, what do you think? Well, you have to respect those views, but I’m not a religious, my books are not multi-ayuda, because nowhere we have sought to feed false self-esteem which is a good chubby Devil in majorities. It’s amazing to see how the same human being, your mental atrofiamiento product, made the mistake of going by dividing everything, and nobody knows anything for certain, due to what? That were creating ‘specializations’ diverse, in all areas, for example: there are people who can’t market a specific product, because they say: I’m specialized in mass; There are others, the dental branch that do not perform a dental filling, or a root canal treatment, because they specialised is orthodontics..


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