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New President Dominicano

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Leonel Fernandez (Dominican President in 1996-2000 and 2000-2004) began on 16 August a third term. He is the broadened halfway between Chavez and Uribe, with whom shares be only Latino leaders who have been re-electos with more than 50% of votes in first round. He was a candidate for the Vice Presidency of Juan Bosch, who before the U.S. saw him as a threat such which today come to Chavez and therefore in 1965 sent troops to that country against him. Party of Dominican Liberation (PLD), who founded Bosch y Fernandez, proclaims to have a program inspired by Marxism and a paintings type Leninist structure. However, the LDP has moved from pose a national liberation anti-us to postulate the liberation of its market and signing a FTA with the United States. Its evolution is similar to the Peruvian APRA or the national liberation of Costa Rica who leave statism and protectionism believing that globalization should encourage large private investment. However, they still maintain a fraseologia Center-zurda different to that of Bush and Uribe. Original author and source of the article.


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