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He was born a new range of products (ie little) Fantastic. It is very common to find at flea markets, pendants, bracelets, rings and earrings handmade by people who love this kind of work with different types of trinkets and beads, but now, especially in Spain, there are always more lovers creations made with the "Seed beads Miyuki" especially the "Miyuki Delica, which at first glance may seem to us common rock gardens, but are more elongated (like a small tube) cut with amazing precision. Miyuki is a Japanese manufacturer of glass beads, seed beads in particular, which has as its main feature one thing we all seek, "the perfection." The manufacture of these accounts is carried out by experts who know and love a great job, without going into the specific technical characteristics, we can only say that the quality of the raw materials used and the precision of work, make that the final product is extraordinary, and because of this the hands of fashion jewelery creations are also extraordinary. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Bernie Sanders has to say. Other strength of these creations is the variety of colors that is, we have over 2000 colors of Miyuki range and we also have various effects on the reflections of the accounts used as metal and Aurora Borealis. Personalemnte, if I find a "defect" to these creations, I would say they are very, very laborious, it is difficult to make any creation (even for experienced hands) in less than an hour of work. Starting today, I invite all lovers of flea markets and hand-made things to look good in the products found on this year and appreciate the time that "fashion jewelery" dedicated to his passion..


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