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New Year In The Baltic States

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New Year 2008 in the eastern calendar – the year of the earth rat (mouse). According to legend, the first agile mouse ran to the feet of Buddha, and because she had the honor to begin a 12-year cycle, ruling over the people. In addition to his crafty, the rat is well-known More and frugality. Mouse – a symbol of wealth in many nations of the world, she is intelligent and clever. It is very likely that in the Year of the Rat your case will go to the mountain. To do this, of course, have to exert some effort, because she likes hardworking, practical people. To broaden your perception, visit Dr. Mark Hyman. To enlist the support of the Earth Rat, the coming year is to meet in a sunny, warm clothing colors – all shades of yellow, lemon.

As a souvenir as a gift to friends and members of the household gave a figure most a mouse or something, decorated with her image. It is advisable to choose things that are useful in everyday life – practical, earthly mouse does not like gadgets. Rat prefers not to linger too long in its burrow – it first time to visit the most interesting places and are constantly aware of all the news. By virtue of their restless disposition yurkogo and mouse tend to travel. In the coming year is to go to a fascinating trip, it is will help to unwind and take a fresh look at the world. We can offer tours in Switzerland and Scandinavia – where else in the New Year, but among the white expanse of northern Europe? It is also breathtakingly interesting promises to be a trip to the Baltics and the Czech Republic – you will have the chance to explore the rich history and traditions of these countries. New Year in France will enjoy a romantic nature, and courting couples, and a trip to London – for those who prefer calm The orderly Albion. Generous citizens of our fatherland in the winter frosts, who managed to miss on the sunshine affectionate and warm azure sea, certainly will be pleased to tour Maldives.

And finally, Russia – For those who prefer to holiday abroad closer to home. We offer a variety of conditions: You can go it alone, the whole family or with friends. In any case, it is desirable to worry about Rest in advance – so you will have the opportunity to purchase vouchers at discounted prices. – New Year's tours in 2008 and the new year in the Baltic.


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