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Security level of such valves should not be lowered. 6. Fulfillment of the requirements for design documentation for technological processes control, ensuring established reliability indices of gotovitel must confirm the system of production control, priemoch-governmental (eligibility, types), the periodic tests. 7. The manufacturer must equip pipeline fixtures (each unit), comes into circulation, the passport and an instruction manual. For fittings, subject to declaration, allowed the union of these docu-ments into one operational document – a passport (at each unit, unless otherwise agreed by the contract). Valves controlled by the drive must be completed on the drive. 8.

The manufacturer shall affix to the body of valves or nameplate clearly and indelibly identifying label (brand-focusing) as specified Bn. 8, Article 6. Article 8. Trebovaniyabezopasnosti priobrascheniinarynke 1. Manufacturer, the authorized (representative), the importer must: 1) the sale of valves to provide the purchaser of the ex-pluatatsionnoy documentation that meets the requirements of these regulations, and other information necessary to assess the possible consumer risks and taking them to appropriate security measures. Information should be narusskom language, 2) the sale of valves to confirm documented control valves, conducted by the manufacturer under acceptance used pytany and, at the request of the customer (buyer), to conduct monitoring in the amount of , ogovorennogovrukovodstve manual, and 3) to verify the claim inform buyers about the conditions store-, 4) timely warn purchasers, who exploited ruyut armature of found defects in the previously produced and sold by ap Matura affecting the safety valve, and also undertake necessary measures to remove them, replacing up to the return pipeline Armata algebra; 5) promptly inform the appropriate authorities of Nogo supervision of non-compliance valves installed Niyama security requirements.


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