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Not Just Reality

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Some of them, in its infancy, were beggars or homeless people in countries where poverty was their culture. They did not change their world that were special or gifted; they were able to depart from your rational mind and change your vision. They saw another reality, that made them free forever; by that became teachers, if teachers themselves. Yes they are special and gifted. While the people of its around it sank into the sea of despair, of pain, of suffering by their arrogant ignorance, they floated due to the boat of the understanding and salvation. For this reason, I need to read this book from the heart. Put aside your concepts laid down for a moment and gives me the opportunity to show you another reality, the only reality capable of giving you what you want, what you want, what you need for your life. Remember that the ego oppose resistance; puts barriers that we do not move forward. Not interested in him that we can control and freedom. Only our essence, that being of light that we have inside, who understands peace, of freedom, of joy. Every topic in the book has her why. My advice is to read them in quiet moments, when the mind is not hectic and ego-driven. It is a job inside and personal; It is a work between you and I. Why I need to be with you alone and tranquility; who me you spend all your attention. They are the secrets that I learned from my teachers and I share them with you forever. I know that with these secrets you can.


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