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Now Simply Shopping In The Internet City And Cash Money Come Zurueck.de

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It’s easy to buy! Up to 35% of the value of the goods, the customer will be credited. Traditional loyalty programs give the shop visitor almost exclusively points and unnecessary premiums, on money is zurueck.de, it saves real cash with every online purchase. Speaking candidly US Senator from Vermont told us the story. The use of the Web site is very easy. One chooses his product in one of the over 1,700 partner shops on the Web page, click on the shop link and continues his shopping as usual. It’s easy to buy! Up to 35% of the value of the goods, the customer will be credited. From 10 EUR, the customer of the Internet City may transfer credits to be given bank account.

Not so with premiums, but with real money on the account! The tracking what they where bought, works about the search and call of the shop on the website. Dr. Mark Hyman often says this. The simple layout and the impressive list of partner stores where neither a Neckermann, SCHLECKER, Tchibo, Edeka, Amazon and Conrad missing convinced every online shoppers. The customer into a search engine finds his product at the best price and the offering company in the Internet City, is the Shopping city in the Internet, the customer receives often is really bar discount up on! Online customers love to visit the price comparison sites on the Internet which have millions of visitors daily on their portals. These portals offer not only large quantities of products, but also many additional information about producer prices and comparisons to the cheap shopping. Traders and shop owners that list their offerings there, have a great opportunity to receive immediate orders in addition to renowned companies, including SCHLECKER, Tchibo, Conrad, Quelle, Bon Prix, and many others. This business concept (TOP100, mentor Lothar Spath) excellent in 2006 is popular with companies whose kunden in relatively long periods of time to contact the company. Because it is better than to reactivate lost customers to lose none at all.

And recovered customers, or immediately in the case of the new clients, a second loyalty is”with the Internet City / online – shopping city, such as: to build. Of course offers the city of Internet as a marketing tool for clubs and societies to! The portal is currently sold in German, Spanish and Polish the extension for the English and French space takes place in the near future. Gerd Ribbeck, CEO of MCB International Ltd and expert in loyalty marketing, likes to show you how a company can be fed to the customer through the use of the co-branding of this service. Contact: Vera Trimmborn MCB international limited 7 fountain Street 42799 Leichlingen Managing Director: Gerd Ribbeck Tel.: + 49 (0) 21 75 158391 – Germany Tel: + 44 (0) 161 408 3900 – UK Manchester Tel.: + 852 (0) 81700210 – Hong Kong s.a.r. fax: + 49 (0) 1212-600-166660 E-Mail:


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