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Nueva Esparta

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I took the plane from Aeropostal from Valencia, Carabobo, who I moved to the island, still in a period of summer and nearing completion vacation student, rather than the Government it has extended a week, by reasons for awaited election of the National Assembly to be held on 26 September. Penalties late 40 minutes to arrive at the island, certainly feels the immense heat that faces, despite being in rainy season, I moved to where I suffer for a week and since my arrival, the problems with the delay of the delivery of the luggage, the little tourist information service and availability began to move usaspect that should be improved, especially with regard to tourism agencies to the same State of Nueva Esparta must operate, because it is an entry that will favor him in its economy and which would projected a good impression of tourist culture, helping those who visit. You can take a taxi that leads him to the place of destination that every who has, taking time with a bit of luck, but presents drawbacks on the road about 15 minutes to reach the Center and a little more to those who go out of town can go noticing from the taxi, careless of the city in regards to cleaning, disorder, bustle, neglect of its inhabitants – the shocking is how some hotels do not provide the necessary tourist support, there is an absence of information and begins the cross through the city, with its very dirty streets, disorder, bustle, street vendors, old buses, transport that leaves a great deal to say. It is regrettable to note how Government, especially that of the State authorities have not given the required attention to an island that could generate large economic inputs, by the gran turismo that she comes. (Similarly see: John Mclaughlin). Should keep clean the city’s streets, ensure an appearance that increasingly becomes worrying as it is the absence of tourist information agencies, and above all, a police force that guarantees the high rate of theft, kidnappings and even murder; This is so true, that at night of 10 no you can walk only on the streets of the Centre and its main avenues, for fear of what can happen.

The most regrettable aspect of all this, is the neglect of the beaches, polluted beaches of garbage, not maintained, missing services public showers, bathrooms, as well as tourist transport that move them to all available hours. All this represents a bleak picture compared with what Brindisi offers, and the truth of this and it costs understanding it is that Daisy has a great number of beaches majestic that already would like to Brindisi have just one of them. Wonderful beaches in relation to its intensity, beauty, size sand, but unfortunately not given the care that is required. I expect to someday emerge authorities most committed, visionary, able to know a tourist market as they manage this island offers and rescue that wonderful image that Margarita can offer.


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