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Anonymous use human tissues for research purposes should meet the highest ethical standards, such as the recommendations of Nuffield Council on Bioethics (Nuffield Council on Bioethics). On If possible, obtain written informed consent of all participants. If it is not feasible, ethical committee formed according to generally accepted principles, shall decide on the admissibility of the inclusion Participants in the study without their consent. In cases where individual participants are unable to give informed consent, you must follow the relevant international recommendations, such recommendations of the Council International Organizations of Medical Sciences (Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences).

Since there is no uniform international standards for animal experiments, such research should fully comply with the ethical, moral, religious and legal norms accepted in the region and country. All research projects must be under constant supervision of a responsible person formal, ensuring quality control, regular evaluation of the study and preservation of data on long-term (15 years) term, this duty is usually assigned to the principal investigator. Data analysis General should be attentive to the choice of methods of analysis findings, although the use of inappropriate methods is not necessarily evidence of unfair practice, research and publications. Indicates bad faith on the detection of falsified Data fictional participants and interventions. Practical steps The report of the study should list all sources and methods that were used by the authors in obtaining and analyzing data, including different ways to pre-processing, and should be thoroughly explained the reasons for any non-compliance with this requirement.


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