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All people have twenty-four hours a day. With that time you can build a life of wealth, happiness, success, freedom, or not. It all depends on the way in which it is used time. Wealth is not determined by the number of hours worked, but for efficiency in the use of hours worked and in the proper use of free hours. Work eight or ten hours a day will make you a millionaire. But those hours spent on the job must be full of successes. In his book the secret of the power of the goals, Andrew Corentt speaks about the action that leads to wealth. He says that these actions must always be of excellence.

Any action that is done with a purpose in mind, one goal, and that is done excellently agree inevitably to wealth, success and happiness. Now let’s talk about personal time. The time you spend to himself and his family. One of the main reasons for the failure and the unhappiness of people is they never set aside daily time for themselves. Some people leave early for his works, and returning late at night, only to sleep. During the only day they had time to attend to their work, but not to serve themselves. As a result, people stagnate, become attached to the place where they are. Corentt says that it is necessary to work on himself to achieve wealth and success.

I.e. not only requires work on your employment or your daily work, are also required to work on himself. What is work on itself? Working on himself is making a change in you that allows you to go further the place where is located at this time. If it doesn’t work on himself, never, never achieved out of the place and the conditions in which it is located. How and when work on itself? You need to work on himself in time that is theirs. Since if they pay him for a job, you should do this job admirably and concentrating on that which makes. You need to work on himself in a particular way that enables you to achieve what you want to. Each goal, has something to do to achieve it. If you wish to paint must go to an art school, if you want to learn how to swim must go to water, etc. No matter what you want to, to achieve it quickly you must do something, before you begin the physical action. Something that should be done is a mental creation. And the easiest way of making mental creation is establishing a goal. In his book the secret of the power of the goals, Andrew Corentt presents very powerful techniques to perform mental creation of everything that you desire, proving that their goals materialize automatically. Wealth, success and happiness will materialize in your life as if by magic. Do you have reservations in this respect? Those doubts are lasque prevent it is rich. THE secret of the power of the goals, those doubts that bind it disappears and propels it into what you want.


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