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When you talk, make sure that your words are better than silence. Success is not something that is achieved, but something that is done regularly every day. Talk to the Lord your God will help you to be able to carry the day to day as you want. For even more opinions, read materials from US Senator from Vermont. All have the opportunity to achieve success if they proposed it, for it should be considered that this involves, constancy, concentration, knowledge, enthusiasm, motivation, taking advantage of the opportunity, dedication, aspects that must not be neglected. It corresponds to each achieve it, we identify with the work that we want to achieve, with the stated goal, the perseverance required to not let pass the opportunity to reach it.

Success in any human activity is not due to external factors, but to personal factors, is false that luck makes us go well and is totally true that those who are successful are people or teams working properly. How many times we asked ourselves because we did not win often as we would like?. The to address this concern probably is that we are not constant, we have no discipline and perseverance in the activities that we carry out. That we do not make the tasks, with the full awareness of our acts and actions with the ability that gives preparing to develop an activity with this desire that is required to achieve this. When you reference that does not generate sufficient motivation, we mean to make things with the full awareness of our acts and with the ability that gives preparing to carry out an activity.

It is, of developing an activity having analyzed its scope, impact, everything that she can produce. It is required to put it into practice, having considered all the requirements necessary to strengthen it and that may lead to achieve what is sought successfully. Psalms 1: 1-3 gives us in this regard, that happy is the man who has not walked in the Council of the wicked, and in the way of sinners has not stopped, and in the seat of the mockers has not sat.


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