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Overweight And Obesity

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Since time immemorial, people are looking for the answer to the problems of overweight and obesity. It may take us awhile more know, but so far, everything we know put it at your disposal and you’ll notice that overweight and obesity, if they cure your body converts food you eat into energy, but much of what you do requires that energy. You need energy to move, exercising, playing, doing chores at home, to walk and to talk and think. The energy that food you transferred, is measured in kilocalories, also simply know them as calories. When you eat more calories than you need during your daily activities, these are stored in your body and become fat. If you use, or you can burn all the calories you ate, your weight will remain stable. Therefore, don’t eat more energy than necessary, i.e. more calories than you use during your daily activities.

Being overweight increases the risk of developing any of the following diseases. Fat in the coronary arteries, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, also in people who already have any of these diseases, being overweight increases the risk of the underlying disease. Fortunately, the overweight and obesity if you care to you, there are a number of specific steps that you can take to improve your health. You have to determine if your weight is below normal, if it is normal, or if you are obese, to know in which state you are. Make an inventory of your eating habits and your level of physical activity, to assess your current eating habits. Put that plan into action and continues to do so, until you achieve your goal. When you decide to take off excess weight and obesity, or take action on this matter, go to visit your doctor, it is ready to help you. It is also good idea to solicit the support of friends or a family member.

Just remember that in the long run, responsible about your health, your weight and your activity, art thou. Remember that first is your health because without it, you will not enjoy everything else. Visit my Blog from here. Original author and source of the article


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