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Years later Granellwould say: “The investigation on any significant logic in any methodology. the “logic”, was a first step, of course, crucially, for my future musings, which were human culminating in the neighborhood, subtitles: Substantiation of Etiological. “Granell Manuel Muniz was born in Oviedo on June 18, 1906 and died in Caracas on November 13, 1993. He began his studies at the Faculty of Oviedo, for then, in 1925, studies at the School Superior de Architectural de Madrid. Fail in the exams and are attracted by philosophy. Advised by his father studied law at Oviedo University and obtained his doctorate in 1929, when he traveled to Paris and its passage through Hendaye, visited Unamuno, exiled by the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera. ” The following year he began his studies at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Madrid, where his teachers included Garcia Morente, Ortega y Gasset and Jose Gaos, in 1936, obtained a degree. Collaborated in the Revista de Occidente.

In January 1937 he was professor at the Institute of Elche, in the same year he married Pilar Gaos. After the war provoked by the military uprising of General Franco launched his exile material. “In January 1939 a ” told us Granell-crossed the Pyrenees on foot by way of the Muga called on the very day that the rest of the Army of the East and under the observation of the aircraft Franco. In Saint-Laurent, the first French village I waited for my wife, accompanied by her parents, who had crossed the border on foot two days earlier.


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