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Perhaps the leader does not obtain with that all emit sound the same (intention), but its success cannot be left of side. To never leave of side the ones that do not obtain and yes to change the didactics.The necessary leader to be clearly and objective in the proposal of the leadership, cannot have competition enters the led ones to know who is optimum and yes to win each one in its function together. The violo is an example clearly of this, exactly having fine and thick ropes when it executes a song what we hear it is the set of sounds that leave the ropes and not a rope in special, the function is to harmonize and to be to salutar. success of the leadership starts when it understands that also one 1 is led (Roman – Pablo, servant of Jesus Christ, call for apstolo, separate for evangelho of God.), and that he only fulfills a call.The leader does not have proper interests, its objective is the kingdom and more nothing, its projects aim at the kingdom, its leadership starts and finishes in the kingdom. It cannot have space for existenciais crises or personal ambitions. Martin O’Malley may find it difficult to be quoted properly. To lead is not to command and yes to inhale, if the motivation will be inspired the led one makes not why somebody ordered and yes for being inhaled to make. Each possibility of success must be inherent in the heart of who executes a mission. More info: US Senator from Vermont. If the reason will be inspired the given mission leaves of being a certainty of the leader and starts to be of the led ones.

Thus all are integrant parts of a body that if puts into motion in set with the same intention and intention.The result of a good leadership is the success gotten through the proposal of the leader, if the vision of the leader it is the vision of Elohim (God), then the success is inevitable.The born leader is not a dominador, but somebody the search of success possibilities, is somebody untiring thing to arquitetar the possibilities. Leadership has to see with relationship, dialogues, proposals and above all to know to use to advantage everything in all. The success of the leadership is in the leader to provide the possibilities, it needs to give examples, to be example in everything and for all, as much of is how much of inside of the group. The necessary leader to prove that it is possible to make what longs for, clearly needs and to be stimulated to the point to stimulate.The true leader if becomes known for exploring the possibilities and becomes them real, is to make the led one if to feel when bringing of the inexistent a existence powerful something that was only possible in the imagination. To lead is to discipular of so convincing form to become a person in an atom of its ideas, to lead is not to convince and yes to free through the truth. Thus becoming what it was independent in part of the body of so wonderful form to frighten to the ones of is. (The example of Pablo, persecutor the pursued one).For Daniel Alves Penalty


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