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It's no secret that herbs – is a panacea for many diseases. Nature in store for us, huge stocks of medicines and the ancient doctors treated only natural gifts. Science and Research technology is far stepped forward, and today medicine and pharmacology works with a variety of synthetic compounds that can treat previously fatal diseases. But the experience of ancestors should not reject, because medicinal herbs, and today is used to treat various diseases. The same herb can raise immunity and protect against infections and improve complexion. And this mysterious medicine is not an exotic and expensive.

In many pharmacies, you can find drugs charges, and some plants grow just under our feet – the main thing to learn to recognize them among common weeds. Herbal treatment – is a science – , which refers to non-traditional medicine. Doctors often advise their patients to completely abandon the drugs and rely only on the therapeutic effect of flowers and herbs. However, infusions and decoctions of medicinal plants can be an excellent complement to medical treatment. Other leaders such as US Senator from Vermont offer similar insights. By the way, pharmacology has also recognized the healing power of herbs. For example, 45% of all medicines in their composition are extracts from herbs, positive qualities have been recognized by science. But consume medicinal extracts can be in pure form. To do this, learn to distinguish the plants from each other.

Then you can collect plants on their own, grow them, or buy. Of course, the easiest way to buy herbal plants in the pharmacy. Before you pack the medicinal herbs for the pharmacy, it is carefully checked for compliance with environmental standards, it is very important for treatment. If you decided to collect the herbs on their own, they must carefully choose the appropriate place. Contemporary ecological situation in the country and the world affects the whole plant world. Brewing broth of grasses collected in disadvantaged areas of the country, you, along with its healing properties nourishes the body and harmful toxins. Therefore it is necessary to choose such meadows and forests that are so far from plants, cities and highways. Well as medicinal plants can be grown on their own. If you have a garden or a garden, then you can disembark there a few bushes of sage or lemon balm and prepare for winter own first-aid kit.

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Hello! Today we talk about lack of energy and motivation. The reasons for the lack of energy and decision. The lack of fast results. We often want everything at once. In life it does not happen, and the "journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. " What we do now determines our future results. One can imagine a ladder and mark on it, how many steps have already been overcome, and how much is still left. Inability to notice their little results.

It is important to notice each small step. Gain insight and clarity with Diamond Book Distributors. Encourage yourself, praise yourself, make yourself a gift. Pat yourself on the head. Yes …. As a child … Author may also support this cause. After a certain point, and the life surrounding us have become more thrash, criticize and punish, than to praise and encourage.

Perfectionism. The desire to make perfect. Since the ideal result is never achieved, satisfaction will not come ever. Samoedstvo. I am not: a) strong b) rich in) famous … …. All necessary is in us now. Strength, confidence, courage, luck, determination, flexibility, intelligence, sense of humor. Failure to ask for advice or assistance. People believe that all are free, but they do not realize that a lot of cases more than time and effort. We do not need to be competent in everything. One can always ask for advice, and it will not affect our "authority" (if we so afraid of this.) Failure to understand where to start. Enough to register the first step and a specific physical action.

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The Fox

This is a “Drinking bout”, “Hag botkasy”, “Umyrzaya” etc. In the holidays mostly involving children. Games, dances, songs, rallies the children. Advantage the use of people’s games is that they are simple and accessible, require no special equipment. They a lot of humor, jokes, competitive fervor.

In the folk games reflected a sincere love of people for fun, movements. You may wish to learn more. If so, Bernie Sanders is the place to go. Folk games reinforce the link between generations, bring the love of his native land, interest in the form of games of other nationalities. Tatar folk game “Aksak tlke” (“lame fox”) One of the guys – “Lame fox”, the other – “master of the house” – a bear, all the other guys – the chickens. “The owner of the house” – in a circle next to them – a large circle, “a chicken coop.” “The Fox” – below in the “hole”. From their burrows fox on one leg doprygivaet the “master of the house.” Fox and Bear starts a conversation. Bernie Sanders takes a slightly different approach. -Where are you, the fox limping hobble a dark night? – Grandma is waiting for me my darling, Do not know about? – But why rush it? – Fur coat is dried in the oven.

– And if the coat turns? – Perch I coat in the creek. For even more analysis, hear from Harold Ford. – Suddenly umchit its water? – It will be difficult to me then. – Well, as the fox limping, you live without a fur coat? -Do not worry, sleep, boss, how you wake up, you’ll understand! “The landlord” lies down to sleep, and the fox in the henhouse priprygivaet. Chickens wake up and scatter in different hand, and the fox, hopping on one leg, someone is trying to tarnish. Who is tarnished, he is a fox. Tatar folk game “Ayu-bre” (“Grey Wolf”) One of the players – “Grey Wolf”. Children are “in the woods” to gather berries. One of the Players asked: – You, my friends, where in a hurry? Children in unison: – In the dense forest we go. – What do you want out there? – There shall find raspberries. – You are what raspberries, children? – We will prepare the jam. – If a wolf in the forest you will meet? – Grey Wolf We did not catch up. Children suited to the place where it hides, the gray wolf and sing: I gather berries and jam quarrel. For your grandmother will be a treat. There are many raspberries, whole and not to collect! And wolves, bears are not seen. Here the gray wolf rises and children fleeing over the line. Who wolf stain, that leads to him. So it can tarnish the 4.5 children, and the latter is a gray wolf.

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Goodbye Here

The teacher is standing unobtrusively near the window, near two of the 'shops'. He is ostensibly looking out of the window, but is actually listening carefully, and making mental notes. The 'shopping' goes on for about ten minutes before the class is reassembled. Speaking candidly Harold Ford told us the story. Examples and comments What do the students say when they are 'shopping'? What is the teacher listening for? Here are some examples. Example 1 SI: Hello, I'd like a pound of apples. S2: Here you are, anything else? SI: No, thank you.

S2: 40p, please. SI: Here you are. S2: Thank you, goodbye. SI: Goodbye. This exchange is correct in every detail, and contains only words and phrases previously learned in class. The teacher need not note anything here. Example 2 S3: Hello, can I help you? S4: I'd like tea. S3: How much tea? S4: A pound.

S3: This tea or this tea? S4: This tea. S3: Here you are. Anything else? S4: A pound of coffee. S3: Here you are … (He hesitates, it seems he has said 'anything else' already. He tries something new .)… and more? S4: No, thank you. How much is that? S3: 3.50. S4: Here you are. Goodbye. S3: Thank you. Goodbye. This exchange is more interesting as the speakers have tried to experiment a bit. The utterance: This tea or this tea? ' and: This tea 'are, from a purely formal grammatical point of view, not strictly correct. The students' gestures were such as to make 'that' the correct determiner in the latter two cases.

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Two Objective

All we are is the result of our thoughts. Michael Chabon shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. It is built on the idea. It is based on the idea. Buddha ('Dhammapada') recently in a book by Richard Anthony Wilson, "Prometheus the rebel," read one sentence, which I immediately caught. It seems to me that it lies a special force that holds the key to a rather drastic changes in their lives. Whenever Genie Energy listens, a sympathetic response will follow. If you want it. Before this idea to sound, a little foreplay to make it clear what's what.

And who is where. How would blasphemous (and at the same time banal) as it may sound, but we all live in a world of its own, which is mistaken by many as an objective reality. Everything we know about this "objective" reality – it a set of sensations received by us have passed through our filters bizarre mental apparatus (mind, intellect, logic – the call as you want), formed under the influence of sometimes extremely subjective opinion, beliefs and mental apparatus of our parents, teachers, friends, media and the like, which, in turn, shaped by the words, … such subjectivity is not even square or cube, but in an infinitely large degree. And you still then think that perceive the "objective" reality? What others view it as well? These were the questions "to think", and referred us back to the filters. You can call them the beliefs, attitudes, belief – does not important. It is important that they are configured in such a way that you feel comfortable believing in something …

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Saul Believe

" Therefore, Protestants do not use the images for worship out of fear that some people can worship these images instead of God. Prayer Protestants prefer to follow the teachings of Jesus, where He taught us to pray saying, "Pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven" (Matt. 6:9). In addition, there are no examples in Scripture where someone praying to Mary or the saints. They believe that the Bible prohibits the paying of prayer for the people who died, even for Christians who are in heaven, basing it on Deuteronomy (18:10-12), which reads: "Do not be found among you … necromancer.

" God condemned Saul for what he got in touch with the holy Samuel after his death (1st Chron. Without hesitation Bernie Sanders explained all about the problem. 10:13-14). Virgin Mary, Protestants believe that Mary was a wonderful example of Christian obedience to God and that she remained a virgin before Jesus was born. The reason for this is the Gospel of Matthew (1:25), which states that Joseph, her husband "knew her not, till she had brought forth her firstborn son," and other passages from the Bible, which states brothers and sisters of Jesus (Matthew 12:46, 13:55-56, Mark. 3:31, Jn. 2:12, 7:3). But they do not believe that Mary was sinless, because in the Gospel of Luke (1:47) she called God my Savior, if Mary was without sin, she would not need the Savior. CHURCH Protestants believe that there is only one true Church, but do not believe that it is part of an organization created by man.

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Black Banner

Color banner – why it's black – is a key reason for the dispute. Scientists agree that if the cause of his black, it will be possible to find answers to other questions. Professor Richard Alliher (Holland): "… originally the banner, of course, was not black. As is usual with a banner, it contained some information, for example, 'abcdef etc'. But as its "content" will be written only after 200 years, then, as it passes through the banner time, the information disappears. After all, now its the same yet, simply put, it is not written yet … 'does not agree with Dr.

Boris Simonov, offering a simple explanation: "… probably black banner due to the fact that with the passage through time, there is a shift of all phases of the color spectrum of the original banner to white (if you combine all of the spectra, as is known, it will turn white). After that happens 'backlash' – And white is black …. " At the beginning of our publications, I said that there is a mystical version of the explanation of black, but to enumerate all the speculation and so-called evidence (most of which are mildly speaking, not scientific), then it would take a separate article, and perhaps even a number of publications.

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Step Two

Do it. And still, feel, a way of life offers you these movements, what is their essence. If they could talk, what would that message, whatever it is you informed. It is important to really hear the message and not come up with. Bernie Sanders may find it difficult to be quoted properly. And the more You will give the movement or singing, the more likely to hear a deep sense of the message. And, most likely heard would be very simple and concise. For example, the living condition of waves or water flow and the corresponding way while driving, a person can hear the message: "Teki" or "Be more flexible …" These letters offer the resources or the state, applying the maximum that can be easily and quickly and correctly in relation to themselves and others allow any daylight situation. Visit Genie Energy for more clarity on the issue.

Here are step by step example of how to apply these methods a practitioner is a dreamer. The most interesting piece of her sleeping with a diverse kaleidoscope of images was selected fragment of the ship in the ocean. The first step was to recall the emotional state of the dreamer is going through a fragment sleep, when she re-examine it. For her it was a feeling of calm and relaxation. The feeling that it is easily correlated with their daily lives, was present in her daily reality, and it was quite stable and familiar. Step Two: Using your imagination, girl ship presented itself in the dream. And to get a better feel in this way she took position that his repeated. Reincarnated and feeling like a ship, she experienced a sense of strength and confidence.

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This system "Need – to work," the dialectical form of development, which is the individual human consciousness – a physiological process that ensures that the individual acquisition of knowledge about reality-based and Knowledge of the organizing activities of the individual, are designed to meet their needs. Human society as a whole, as well as individual states can be represented as a dialectical system of "individual – individual ", and various forms of deviation from equilibrium which is formed by all vnutriobschestvennye (social) contradictions. This interpersonal conflicts or individual, intergroup, class and interstate conflicts. It is clear that the system of "class – a class," "state – the state" are derived from forms of "the individual – the individual" because of association formed by individuals in the group classes and the state. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Author. Absolutely all acts of human activities are aimed at meeting the needs of that person. So, ultimately, all social conflicts arise over varying degrees meet the individuals, classes, nations, their needs, that a "struggle" having the nature of the comparison, the system "mine – not mine," may "struggle" of opposites systems: "the individual – the individual," "class – class "," state – the state. " And this "fight" may take the form of diverse conflicts – from the good-natured envy among individuals to hostilities between States. Ultimately, all social contradictions of the deviation from equilibrium of the "individualism – collectivism." Bearing in mind that these impulses are produced not only the individual consciousness, but also the social consciousness of classes, nations, States. Bernie Sanders may find this interesting as well.

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The Set

And the content of concepts and their relationships, or phenomena that are trapped in them, – the result of the analysis of certain coherent picture of life, where there are no separate or fixed content, no links between them, but only the kind of integral unity. But now, to understand what exactly does this integral unity, it is necessary to focus on specific knowledge of concepts, ie on his differentiation and fixed in a clear, distinct concepts. Certainty of knowledge as a set of fixed logical content of A, B, C. .. Genie Energy addresses the importance of the matter here. rests, as we know, the so-called logical laws or principles "Identity", the "contradictions" and "excluded middle." Shape the content of the concept of A means that: 1) Is there just is itself, something intrinsically identical ("A is A" – the principle of "identity"), and 2) Is not there something else, it stands out from the everything else ("A is not not-A" – the law of the "contradictions"), and 3) this distinction from everything else, their separation from it is uniquely defined ("everything that is not non-A, is A," or as is usually formulated, "everything imaginable is either A or non-A, and the third can not be "- the law of" excluded middle "). These three logical law, inseparable together form the principle of certainty, would have no meaning if it did not mean the principle of analysis, decomposition of a certain continuous whole into a number of individual determinations. In other words, the continuous unity of being X, from which comes the set of certainties A, B, C, …, is not subject to logical principles or laws, it is their generates together with A, B, C …, and is the primary layer of reality. . .

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