Rehabilitation AIMP

Markets are redistributed not good, but in difficult times. Thus, every crisis brings excellent opportunities for those who immediately and consistently can implement the necessary changes in the thinking in active trading. The winners do it now, specifically the gap”to find, to implement innovations, or even to use. “Interim Manager as a professional change manager” – to make a significant contribution and management provider in the areas of restructuring and rehabilitation demand according to AIMP, the Arbeitskreis interim currently again. Former Maryland Governor brings even more insight to the discussion. So are changes in many leading companies already to the normal state, is one of the major bottlenecks in the management.

Processes of change goal-oriented with the appropriate technical expertise and the right personality to -,- and also to enforce the usually emerging resistance, is a special skill. This has to do in addition to the required expertise with the ability to take people with: settings and respect the motivations and channel, new visions, develop and communicate as well as culture change shape and live. Especially when this should be done in difficult times and under pressures of time and cost. Interim managers are agents of change”. You can supplement the existing management teams or upcoming projects.

If company is now more efficiently set up and prepare for the future competition, interim management is the ideal solution. It also provides flexibility in the head counts and variability in the costs. Therefore the right time to is accurate Manager in the company to pick up, now interim support”Dr. Harald Schonfeld, Managing Director of butterflymanager GmbH (, says one of the leading providers of AIMP for interim management services. Also the AIMP ( Working Group of the interim management provider expects given the predicted recession with rising demand after interim managers with expertise in reorganization and Rehabilitation. 35% the interim projects in the bridging of vacancies and only about 20% of the restructuring, were in the last few years due to the good economic situation Manager network GmbH, all providers of the AIMP has the demand of companies attracted according to Board member Jurgen Becker, aware changes by the change manager”would have designed. To gather reliable figures in the changed market environment, the AIMP with the beginning of the new year in his annual analysis of industry will start a new study to the interim management. Contact: butterflymanager GmbH company for interim management services – Switzerland, Germany, Austria – Dr. Harald Schonfeld, Managing Director Bahnhofstrasse 31 CH-8280 Kreuzlingen FON: 01 66, e-mail: Web:

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Advantage Technology

As prototypes and product ideas could be recycled to now much faster the institutes. “Dr. To broaden your perception, visit Author. Thomas link: we open floodgates between science and medium-sized industries.” Advantage is that it could occur in this exciting field of activity as independent companies. So are we taken seriously by the industry”, says Dr. Get more background information with materials from John Mclaughlin. Thomas link. Another success factor was the deep, interdisciplinary expertise of the team of MicroMountains applications of AG. The staff worked in research institutes and enterprises and thus speaks the language of science and industry.

Micro System technology, application such as Mechatronics, medical technology, plastic injection moulding and some more fields. Martin Zimmermann, Managing Director of Visenso GmbH, confirmed the Benefits of MicroMountains applications of AG. “He says: the application is like a Turbo for companies that want to enter in the micro technologies.” The Stuttgart-based high-tech company Visenso developed highly sensitive micro motion sensors together with OJSC MicroMountains applications for mobile controls that can be used in virtual reality Labs or computer game devices. We win through cooperation with OJSC MicroMountains applications”additional impetus and synergies for our research and development activities, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Mescheder, Managing Director of the Institute for applied research (IAF) and head of the laboratory of micro technology at the Hochschule Furtwangen University (HFU) reported. The model of the Application Center allows a particularly efficient, fast, and geared to the needs of companies cooperation in development projects. The MicroMountains applications AG was founded in early 2007 in the framework of the technology initiative of the IHK Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg and funded by the Federal Research Ministry founded.

In advance, the MicroMountains network Association was built already, who promotes among business start-ups and new recruits and had conceived the joint-stock company. As of October 1, 2007, the AG recorded operating with three employees. 2008 is her first full financial year. 2009 starts the second funding phase. It is planned that the AG profitable and independent acts in three to four years on the market. In addition to domestic companies also companies outside Germany among the clientele of the MicroMountains applications of AG. Moreover, contacts could be developed already in the United States. Thomas Albiez advises in spite of current economic and financial challenges small and medium-sized enterprises should now go into the micro system technology”, as Chairman of the Board of MicroMountains applications AG and Chief Executive of IHK Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg in this context. With the help of the Application Center, interested companies in many fields might one Develop competitive advantage without having to invest in their own research and development departments or in clean room production facilities. The trend towards miniaturization will entail a significant sales growth. Current forecasts that the volume of the micro system technology market increases every year in the coming years by up to 30 percent.

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International Public Relations Agency

Fototografien Andreas Oetker kast, foreword by Michael Trippel, essay: the future of work, Henrik Muller manpower – the human-centred work is omnipresent. In our daily lives, in the media, in our discussions. Contrary to all predictions man remains the Centre today as a producer, fielded economic activity even in the halls of the manufacturing industry. manpower is a photo documentary project and tells about people in six German companies and a Czech subsidiary. Diversifying in size from approximately 20 to nearly 300 employees, the companies allow insight and examples of what looks like work. Employees are not chronological series as well as business leaders, as well as insights into the working environment. Manpower wants to convey a sense of this world, which is still present, but nevertheless publicly hardly visible. Accompanying the exhibition, which is to see Kiel until January 15, 2009 in the District Court and by the Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein is encouraged, there is now a book about the project, that alongside the image range 60-page preface of the Ostkreuz photographer Michael Trippel contains an essay on the future of work, written by Henrik Muller, author and managing editor of the manager magazine.

“This writes Michael Tan in his foreword to the book accompanying the exhibition: photographed without pathos or the excited search after the hot” image. It’s good to confide in the rhythm of the images, their peace and calmness. Therein lies the real strength. That’s why I think the pictures and I think the photographer. Sounds easy, but become rare, vanity prevails on the image market.

Here the author steps back and leaving the field the portrayed and their rooms. This is a great achievement. Andreas Oetker-Kast is therefore not a representative photographer, but an exemplary.” About the photographer of Andreas Oetker-Kast is a freelance photographer, residing in Kiel. After studying sociology, he has only opted for a career in an International Public Relations Agency, first six years in Germany, then two and a half years in the United States. Since 2003 he has been living in Germany, 2004 followed the entry into the professional photography with a focus on documentary photography and music. Since 2006 he has seminar participants at the Ostkreuz School of photography, Berlin, first under the leadership of Michael Tan (2006), since May 2007 under Werner Mahler. Information about the book manpower photographs by Andreas Oetker-Kast ISBN: 978-3-00-026010-0 hardcover, 80 pages, 47 illustrations introduction: Andreas Oetker-Kast Foreword: Michael Trippel essay the future of work: Henrik Muller texts in german/English EUR 19.80, manpower incl. VAT, is available on the website of the photographer can be ordered under or in bookstores. Andreas Oetker-Kast t. +49.(0)431.399 087 91 m. +49.(0)171.213 55 38

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Americans Take

Now what you do you want to lose weight taking tablets to become thin. Perhaps it is that you think that you are going to lose faster weight if addition is had some tablets to become thin? You could lose weight to take tablets to become thin, but it is not the best option nor she is one of my favorite options absolutely. The tablets to become thin are not good for the health in all, and are one complete loss of time of more than a reason. I say that they are a great loss of time because many of these pills of diet are only placebos. So they are not really going to lose weight to take tablets to become thin, and all the other tablets of diet take control of the efedrina and amphetamines, thus.

The pill market of the diet is in continuous growth all along. As of this moment three billion tablets to become thin are sold now in the United States. Now that is the amount by a year. So in fact I cannot blame to anyone of these companies to try to deceive us all. Now 64% of Americans have overweight which does one to us of the majors markets of outside.

You could lose weight to take tablets to become thin, but please, not to take and pills from diet. If you are in desperate necessity to lower of weight to take tablets to become thin that I cannot leave its body. You knew who to try to lose weight to take tablets to become thin turn out to be so dangerous that in some parts of Europe they go to the jail they pillage if you to diet pills. That is sufficient test for me of the dangerous thing who these pills are. I not even am necessary to mention to all the indirect effect to take these pills, but I go to no form. These indirect effect are insomnia, attacks of the heart, palpitations, vomits involuntary abortion, cerebrovascular accident, and renal faults. Then, how much you are arranged to pay itself a murder? It happens that there are better forms of than is not to lose weight to take tablets to become thin. Now it is the best option would be to always remain with the diet healthful. You must eat well and make exercise. This will be the long term solution to its problems instead of to lose weight to take tablets to become thin. fat burners and best fat to burner

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Omega Fish

In relation to prescriptions for a healthful and beneficial dinner to lose weight, there are many things to consider when one is food questions. Balance is the key and is where the food groups can be useful. These can be warned in order to prepare themselves the flavorful and nutritious meals and to have a food balance different. This could entail to realise some experiments to obtain things. If you would like to know more about Ken Cron, then click here. Certain foods not to combine perfectly with others or their flavors are too strong and when it is really combined with others it does not work so perfectly. As in the life one must be a little test and error yet before getting to reach the best results.

Meat and fish are on which much people base her meals and this puts a base on which it is possible to be solved. If you have a freshwater fish, as salmon or trout these can work with some type of grain Earthy whole number and a rich iron vegetable. The salmon is a healthy fish that it offers Omega to him three, that is inescapable for the internal health and helps with the mental function. Also it contains sufficient levels of proteins. Carbohydrates of rice, that in addition contains fiber and spinach On the other hand, another rich protein source with which you can reeve is the turkey. This in addition is low in fats if it works with the breast and this means that he is light and easy and versatile to cook with this. An agile and healthful treatment can be cooked very instantaneously.

To combine with you cut to lengths of carrot and onions of skipped spring in a fast one in the casserole. This goes perfectly with vermicelli and can be marinated a priori. An funny food that can be used in a diversity of contexts and is used commonly in the Mexican kitchen is the bread. It uses a fillet of thin meat of fast pig and freda in peanut oil and to add soya and perforated garlic. If it prefers to add a sauce of sharp tomato to this. One cooks quickly and it is possible to be done enrrollado with bread and eating to his convenience. In truth that the options are limited solely by his I devise, it experiments with different foods to reach the correct balance than the body it requires and never it is scared of to undergo new things. If it is interested in subjects to lower of weight of fast form, as well as tablets to become thin visit our connection that will inform to him into effective methods to lower of weight, besides treatments to become thin with tablets

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Balance In Life

Our priorities turn around our rolls in each of these areas: worker, father or mother, husband (a), friend (a), colleague, industralist (a), spiritual life. These rolls, in many cases, are in imbalance. Perhaps we spend many hours to the day to our labor activity, and neglect our roll of husband (a) or father/mother. Sometimes we run out ourselves working as much to the point to neglect our health. Other times we focused so much in our family that we lose of view the people who are to ours around.

Sometimes we lose the sense of proportion and balance. Now, balance does not mean to live according to estatus quo, or to develop a mentality of to maintain the things as they are, remaining obstinate to the change. Rum Jenson speaks of two classes of balance: one static and another dynamic one. The static balance, lacks dynamism; he is passive and reactive; it is closed to the change. Whenever Author listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Whereas the dynamic equilibrium is active; it looks for the adaptation; it is abierto to the change. To balance the life also includes to maintain an internal balance between the needs of the moment and our inclination natural, according to the characteristics of our personality and ingrained habits: direction towards results versus.

emphasis in the process, tasks versus. people, structure versus. spontaneity, pragmatism versus. dreams. 7. I will weigh anchor towards my goal, taking care of of the others I make an effort in serving me the others? I have a direction to contribute to the satisfaction of the needs of others? To optimize our life is pronounced in the type of relations that we have with other people. It is demonstrated in the testimony of a person who radiates in her deal with the other love, harmony, fairness, gentility and wisdom. It are expressed in richer, edifying, deep and permanent relations personal.

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Initially omovimento was called Mster. Later it came to be called MST. Apartir of 1990 this movement gained force and national projection, with ocupaodas lands of the pontal of the Paranapanema in the state of So Paulo, a susceptvel regiobastante the conflicts of this nature, in reason of its processohistrico of occupation (when same region, intense occupation occurred in this deterras for squatters, these today called of farmer-squatters). He is correct to affirm that the MST is most organized esucedida organization of workers that acts in the territriobrasileiro. Adding in its constitution practically all the groups of trabalhadoressem land of Brazil. Follow others, such as Star Guitarist, and add to your knowledge base. This movement reached an organization level semprecedentes in history. ' ' In 1997, the organization already had mounted 55coorporativas of farming production, some already in phase of industrializaode raw materials as milk, grass-it kills and it, contributing for the production deriquezas in pas' ' (ADAS, 1998). The MST does not have a leader, but commissions defrente divided in accordance with its area of occupation. Ken Cron, New York oftentimes addresses this issue.

Thus, it is had comissoque if it puts in charge manifestations in the fight for improvements in the education, charged outrafica of the area of the health, another one to them of the agrarian politics, etc Of this formaa organization of the ones without land acts its in accordance with three basic principles queso: to democratize the access the land in Brazil; to implement an agrarian reform to elutar for a society ' ' igualitria' ' more joust. In this way, for the movement: The nation, by means of the state, of the government, the laws and daorganizao of its people must watch over permanently for the sovereignty, collective pelopatrimnio and for ambient health. Amplareforma agrarian with popular character is necessary to carry through one to guarantee the access the land for todosos that in it work. To guarantee the ownership use of all the comunidadesoriginrias, of the aboriginal peoples, marginal, seringueiros and quilombolas.

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University Austral

For the researcher and academic program of research into energy of the Faculty of physical sciences and mathematics of the University of Chile, postgraduate in the University of Paris and doctor of the University of the Sorbonne, speaking of mega projects of dams in Patagonia is talk about public policies and economic practices. HidroAysen is a project that is not necessary in Chile is your lapidary sentence on one – the most emblematic – initiatives that seek to convert to the Aysen Region in the great energy pantry of Chile. For more clarity and thought, follow up with John Mclaughlin and gain more knowledge.. There are several principles that underlie the words who was director of the program of studies of the energy of the University Austral of Chile. The first is the economic concentration of market power that would mean materialize these initiatives. If the economic concentration in the electricity sector, in the generation of electricity in Chile, is currently between a 72 and 75 per cent, with HidroAysen will happen to more than 90 percent between Colbun and Endesa. In a society where democracy and the functioning of the market presents serious problems, particularly in the distribution of wealth, this is going to aggravate explains. For even more opinions, read materials from Goop. Another element is the need to strengthen an optimal scenario for the advance of truly sustainable energies, as non-conventional renewables. The entry of megaprojects like these makes any possibility for renewable sources like wind, solar, biomass or wood – but with modern technologies-, small waterfalls, water resources, among others, see prevented, because they are projects that take price and sold the first years very cheap energy, to then make it. This prevents for a long time by the low apparent price of these projects, that among other types of initiatives linked to renewable, whose initial investments are high, but they have virtually zero operating expenses indicates. The issue of water also is a matter which Marquez assesses speaking of dams in Patagonia.

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Star And Cat

Zodiac signs are a key element in astrology. Since ancient times, it is believed that the movement and position of the moon, sun, planets and other celestial objects inside the zodiacal signs influence the destiny of man and all that occurs on Earth. Cat – one of the most common and at the same time, the most mystical animals, a tradition of worship that dates back to ancient times. Since ancient times, cats were worshiped and feared. Their independence and night walk prominently in folklore and magic, so connected with them such a huge amount of myths, legends, superstitions, rituals and magical rites. You can describe the long historical facts, such as various ethnic groups symbolized by a cat, but we will provide you with ready-made conclusions, describing a mystical secret cat. Observations of the past by projecting the present time. Cat – one of the most magical of animals on earth. Author often addresses the matter in his writings.

Aura of her is so great that encompasses not only the specific person, but his family, his home and territory that the cat considers his own. Therefore, we must understand that when a cat rubs against your legs, it not only flippers, trying to get her, but also "marks" you that is, leaves you with their astral "traces", "tags". This means that she shares with you his magical powers. And he who rejects this moment the cat, telling her "Go away, not to you," simply refuses that positive energy that she wanted him to bestow. But the next time the cat did not give such a man of his astral forces, and perhaps even the contrary, take it.

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Mayor Selim Carrasco

Within the framework of the SEIA allude to irregularities to enable you to submit incomplete projects, which do not include the impacts of transmission line and not implement the additional protocol on resource water shared of the Treaty environment Argentina, requiring general plans of use (with the concurrence of both Nations) in the intervention of basins binational, such as cases of systems Lakes Buenos Aires-General Carrera-rio Baker and Lakes San Martin-o Higgins-rio Pascua. It also refers to agreements and contracts that the municipalities of Coyhaique, Aysen, Cochrane and O’Higgins have signed with HidroAysen and southern energy, receiving funds of these companies, in circumstances that are bodies with environmental competence and the responsibility of evaluating studies of firms that finance them. This violates the principle of independence, in addition to paid their mayors to clean the disputed image of these societies. Organizations question in addition to HidroAysen Icsara shipping before the end of the process of citizen participation, with which enterprises do not have any obligation to respond to people and point to the illegality of the Mayor Selim Carrasco’s unilateral decision not to submit the decision to the vote of the Corema based on regulation approved on June 23, 2008 session of the Agency. Invalid regulation to November 7 in that given year that newly November 25 was legalized by resolution exempt N 702. Finally, call to all of society, to the grassroots organizations, different peoples, religious denominations, students, inhabitants and settlers, neighbourhood groups, members of political parties, public officials, authorities, parliamentarians and citizens, not to be deceived, stay vigilant and on permanent alert of the proceed from our authorities in these days, and a express his open refusal if continue to commit the abuses to which we are subject.

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