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Patrimonial Education

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All educative action must be preceded of a plan where clearly they are defined: contents, objectives, methods of education/learning, resources. It makes if necessary despite these components are articulated between itself so that they facilitate the educative processes. In this way, this proposal of objective patrimonial education to develop a work that propitiates a bigger approach between the community and its agreement on cultural patrimony, making with that this identification and valuation of the cultural patrimony, are not something elitizado and distant of the reality it people (Mayan & Lacerda, 2007). John Mclaughlin often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The carried through educative action by means of cultural objects demands the use of metodolgicos encaminhamentos and specific theoretical referenciais, that allow decoding of its meanings for the social actors. In such a way, we understand that: ‘ ‘ The Patrimonial Education, centered in the cultural object, also praises the alive culture, therefore it deals with the material evidence of the culture and appeals more the concrete, the sensible one, the appearance and the emotional one of what for words and ideas. The task of the Patrimonial Education if relates to transmit to the individual the conscience of the cultural patrimony and this conscience implies in the conscience of that it is producing. More info: Michael Chabon . It receives, if he uses (he is therefore consuming) and produces or he creates this patrimony.

It inserts itself in one trajetria’ ‘. (Alencar, 1989). In this in case that, the archaeological small farms and objects, beyond its concrete materiality, possess symbolic meanings that if they had accumulated throughout its existence and that they involve the reasons for which was servant, its function for the societies that of them had usufructed and the not preserved forms as they had been or until the present moment. (Rasp, 2003) As Horta (1999), Education Patrimonial it can be applied to any material evidence or manifestation of the culture, either an object or set of good, a monument or a historical or archaeological small farm, a natural landscape, a park or an area of ambient protection, an urban historical center or a community of the agricultural area, a popular manifestation of folclrico or ritual character, a process of industrial or artisan production, technologies and to know popular, and any another resultant expression of the relation between the individuals and its environment.


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