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Personalized Direct Mailings

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Attaching a piece of shipping addresses who says A as address must say also P such as personalization, because now no direct mail can reach its goal without personalized addressing. There are three options for attaching the addresses on the shipping units: digital printing, the lasers, the labelling and the Inkjetten. Savvy lettershops who capitalize the qualified customer service and customized solutions, will recommend the respectively most favourable procedure always their advertising customers according to the present requirements. A shipment is planned, very quickly and also economically will be realised, the Inkjetten should be the method of choice. The inkjet technique is similar to personalize with an ink jet printer: the customer addresses and / or informative promotional accessories are printed with ink directly on envelopes, envelopes, magazines, brochures, catalogues, etc.. In contrast to inkjet printers for personal use, you are Designed inkjet heads this printing plant for industrial and extremely fast printing.

Advanced print head technology guarantees that are tolerant of variations in the thickness of the print advertising of the inkjet printer. Variable length of print, a pressure altitude of about five centimeters is common. Inkjet heads various resolution levels and dimensions enable various addressing variants on advertising materials of different sizes from the format A6 (postcard) to Max approx. 3. always is the ink in the Inkjetten an important cost factor, where the procedure as a whole is an optimized price / performance ratio. According to the physical properties of the print advertisement or package, special inks are used.

So soluble in water ecological-based ink is used when personalization occurs on matte coated, absorbent surfaces, E.g. offset papers. On higher quality paper (glossy or coated) is, however, personalized with UV curable inks. Further areas of application are covered by ink solvent-based or wax. The high resolution of the heads is also the Inkjetten of bar or matrix code. Experienced lettershop pros offer their clients the optimal combination of consulting, service and highly specialised innovative inkjet technology and guarantee direct mailings quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively be associated on the way. Staggering up to almost a million mailings can be personalized with the inkjet procedure according to lettershop facilities per day. For every advertiser is important to know, because the market is not waiting!


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