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If your source intensity in the torso and tries to control myself (posture, speech), it is unsure of himself. Bear in mind: the way he communicates with you now – is one thing, but later it can manifest itself very differently (when to know you better and to relax). If it is a lot of jokes and laughs his jokes, then, considers himself a clever and unique witty. This indicates a somewhat inflated self-esteem a man and his propensity to demonstrate this. Gesticulation – a kind of safety net of words. Most likely, this person is very emotional. If the other party silent – this is an indication that he's hiding something.

A gloomy man should put you on the idea that he is able to force action. If a man is very often tilts his head – his for something tormenting sense of guilt. Clumsy men differ unscrupulous, and sometimes even impertinence. Hands on her hips – are often a favorite stand arrogant people and conflict. And talking about the Aquatic temper and impatience. Read in the face, hear his voice Physiognomy draws attention not only to the outward signs of man but also his voice. So learn to listen to the other person! Smooth it in most cases – a sign of adequacy.

Quick question shows a high dynamic neural processes, it is always in a hurry. Accelerated speech inherent in those who are afraid to seem "worse than it actually is." Slow speech, said the desire to impress you with their intelligence. Affectionate speech is peculiar to people who want to seduce. Merry speech – a demonstration of the ease of communication. Intermittently says the man who is worried and unable to control themselves, as well as speech pathology and psychology. Speech with the words-parasites indicates average level of development, high suggestibility and inability to feel their mistakes. It speaks with the mat on the cultural level of man, his social self-perception. Learn to read the face, but do not forget to pay attention to the Other features of the interlocutor, and then you immediately understand, your man is sitting in front of or not.


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