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Thorny Path director training company I set out to create a permanent team a long time, as soon as she realized that I do not want to engage in self-employment, and I want to have a training company that will create new products that provide professional services to work on standards with guaranteed quality. Problems that I encountered on this thorny path, Today I am ready to share with you. Imagine yourself in the place of CEO training company, which was lucky and found a good business coach. What are you waiting on? The answer is very simple: the star disease, which sooner or later fall ill your new employee. And then – star fever! In so doing, it will help those for whom you have found a business coach – your clients: – customers who, after the first successful start training him offer work to the left – customers who offer their work trainer-manager training, showing in this post is much lower demands for higher salary. We all understand that people who choose public profession, tend to be the star of the disease. And yet the majority of the installation is less work but get more. In order to be successful training company, and coaches who work in it, were in demand, they have to work very much.

And they must receive regular feedback and a tough little financial reward, especially at first. And many of them are ready for this? In training Company novice coach gets these resources, which will never get anywhere else. But if he has purpose – to take and leave, you do not stop anything. And this goal, unfortunately, has each second. Initially, we pleased to take coaches from rivals. The first thought that came to mind: a man with experience, he soon will reach its design capacity and will generate a profit. But time has shown that this variant is similar to a fairy tale Kolobok about: "I left my grandmother, my grandfather left me." In professional services, loyalty is very important.


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