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Include a link to your website in your signature. Technique #7. Write a press release on its web site and send it to the main free presses notes services. Technique #8. Official site: Martin O’Malley. If you are satisfied with a product or service that has been used type an impartial testimony and offer it to the web site in exchange for a link to your web site. Technique #9. Start a blog on blogger.com and WordPress.com, link them to your web site and send them to the main free directories of blogs, this will give you a large amount of quality traffic while you keep your blog updated. Technique #10. To read more click here: Dr. Mark Hyman.

Post free classified ads with links to your web site. Many allow you to place an active link to your site, but do not discard the rest, if the advertising is right many people copied and beat its address in the browser. Remember to add items in the appropriate category. Technique #11. Type an interesting signature with links to their websites and blogs and include in their pages and emails signatures feet.

All services and email programs offer this option. Technique #12. Actively participate in social networks like Twitter or Facebook sending information upon their products or services periodically to their friends and followers. Technique #13. Sign up for LinkedIn, a social network for business, add to all your contacts and actively participate in forums and groups related to your business in this network. Technique #14. Start a page on myspace.com and other social networks of high rank and add a link to your website. Technique #15. Send a viral video to youtube.com. You don’t need to be a professional video producer, a simple Power Point presentation with background music can do the job very well. Technique #16. Look for your main keywords in Google and check if you can exchange links with the main pages that appear in the results. Technique #17. Write a small eBook or report on your niche and submit to hundreds of directories of free ebooks online. Technique #18. Keep a healthy relationship with your list, periodically offering valuable information useful. And if you have your own product or service: technical #19. Make alliances strategic companies and similar businesses and sell their products on a reciprocal basis in combos, for example, if you sell software partnering with hardware companies to ensure that they offer their programs and you offer hardware. Technique #20. Offers a program of affiliates for your product or service with high commissions (of at least one 40%) This may sound like a work Titanic, however I recommend to put into practice every week only one of the points mentioned here, and you’ll be amazed how in a few months you will have fantastic results with your web site.Also, remember that it is not only the traffic that makes your website a successful site.So that your web site generates sales you must have internal marketing tools in place that enable them to attract readers and persuade them to purchase, you must additionally be configured correctly to allow customers to use different forms of payment. Lisandro Martinez Tu asesor de e-Marketing and e-Commerce allows the distribution and diffusion of this article always and When kept without modifications to the original text and the source with an active link a: original author and source of the article


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