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In fact, even if the goods and would have an objective equivalence, then it would have an impact in the minds of the participants exchange, forming a It subjective satisfaction with the exchange, without which there is no exchange process. Objective basis for subjective satisfaction of the relative exchange of the parties is not equivalent to exchanging products for some of their internal parameters, and the equivalence of a certain market position of each party sharing the same market position of its competitors. For the buyer, this equivalence is Equal prices of goods purchased prices of all goods of this kind on the market. For each of the manufacturers of one-species of goods, this equivalence is formed, if the price of goods, covering its costs srednevidovye production constitutes the price of his labor with the unit price equal to the price of labor per unit of goods of all manufacturers of the goods of this type of srednevidovymi costs of their production. A sum of production costs goods with the price of labor per unit of product it makes producer price of production goods. Thus, the desire of participants to exchange their equity position as a party to the exchange with the position of their competition creates equality between the price of all goods and one-species srednevidovymi prices of their production; form of equivalent exchange.

part ii. theory of value Millennium people exchange products, forming a ratio of exchange. But still remains a mystery how the parties exchange weighed exchanging goods in general, and particularly in the case when the exchange ratio reflects an equivalent exchange, when the cost of goods is srednevidovoy cost of production.


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