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The purpose of a promotional product is often confused, for a promotional only provides an advertising and no promotional gift items dar. The statement to the customer is therefore clear: companies need to advertise, but they have nothing to give away. The statement of promotional products is now conditioned by the complex changes in the market, which is based on consumption and buying behavior. So facts which make it necessary for every company active marketing. Companies are faced with new challenges, starting with the new technologies on the global networking and the consequent increased competition. Both the companies are required more and more, searching for creative, market-based solutions sought. For only in this way they escape the often dominant predatory pricing. Not to forget they ever increasing demands of customers. Therefore, customer care has become a critical success factor must be based on the numerous components promising marketing strategies. It iswhile at conceptions of declining loyalty to brand loyalty, and many more. Promotional Items – involved in the design of customer loyalty and customer focus – these are all-day survival factors for entrepreneurial activity and for enduring existed. The term promotional thus represents an enormous part in the overall marketing mix, combined with the respective departments within the company, acting as problem solvers. The broad spectrum and the different modes of action give the promotional marketing factor nowadays an indispensable position. In terms of numbers pertaining to the promotional products well over 10 percent of total advertising spend of a company. While in modern times, the press, radio, the TV or posters just yet well targeted in customer advertising, the advertising effectiveness of promotional products, however, is on a very specific area: it increases the attention far more than any other advertising media, precisely when the target audience. It is the feeling of radiance at the receiver, theFeeling of being cared for by an individual company as a customer. It is the teaching of uniqueness – the promotional products – sources of sympathy and joy. This expression, however, succeed in business only if imaginative promotional products are used accordingly. It serves not only customer loyalty but also in attracting new customers. Promotional thus constitute an essential part of customer care in the company They serve not only the initiation of new, modern business, they are vital component in maintaining and promoting existing and new target terms. As in a promotional film to play the lead role – the long term and of inestimable value for the respective companies. For the companies touted by the article is used not only by the customer in appearances, but the article goes into the hands of the customer. A three-dimensional marketing tool that can handle the Advertised which attracts him like a magnet, which makes the statement, the company delivers what itpromises. Another advantage of the promotional items is the practical user interface shows practical value in terms of appreciation. The company therefore expresses that it is committed not only in money but also to the customers themselves. The customer should not just “satisfied”, he is to be “courted.” And exactly this technique can be targeted with appropriate orientation to the target group bring a distinctive character of a company that would have TV or radio can never be achieved. The advantage is therefore that promotional items can be placed exactly geared for that audience. Promotional items from the respective departments are also personally delivered to the customer, it turns this way represents an unrivaled support in the corporate marketing mix, which takes place without any wastage. The saving for each company are enormous! For promotional items as an advertising medium to reach their targeted recipients. Thus, the ENVISAGED marketing task is fulfilled: the placement ofIndividuality, the provision of customer loyalty. Sies at almost every turn, generates an enormous attention to the customers advertisers. The customer receives and feels this as a message of thanks or recognition. The client itself will bring this reflected in the fact that he strengthened his mouth to mouth propaganda, be it among friends and acquaintances, it was on certain occasions. The company, however If only traditional advertising media to share, would be not only the wastage and hence the cost enormously, it would never be made contact with the customer, who had been made by advertising media. The aim of the promotional items is not only the transmission of a message, but the deepening of the customer contact, combined with the aim of these bind to the company even more firmly. Customers are not just eye contact, gives about a product, as it is on TV media is the case, the customer has something “tangible” in his hand, then into his possession. It is not merely the property of the customer, the customer himselfretain this “gift” and always in remembrance of the respective companies. This constant reminder value acts as a constant companion of the customer – another factor that bind a customer not only to a specific service, but also to a specific product. However, this can be achieved only by companies that offer promotional products as quality products. It is only through quality is recognized by the customer and the respective desired value, only by the quality of advertised target is achieved in practice and in the long term. The company’s goal must therefore be clear: the


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