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Provincial Sports Committee

In 1989 at the initiative of provincial sports committee and a provincial association of martial arts master Liang Wushu team Guanman scored for the Study of Yong Chun Quan foshanskogo. At the request of the broad masses of fans of Wushu, the Chinese Central TV, Chzhutszyanskoe TV Foshanskoe television, as well as numerous magazines have told a teacher Liang Guanmane, as he leads a group to study wushu Yuen Chun Quan foshanskogo widely known throughout the world Chinese Wushu. In 1990, at the request of Guangdong magazine 'Ulin' Guanman Liang wrote the book 'Yong Chun Quan' (with parallel text in Chinese and English), widely dispersed throughout the world. Due to the current policy of open Door to China to study Yong Chun Quan foshansky comes more and more foreigners who know about this style because of the worldwide success of Bruce Lee films (Lee Hsiao Lung). They come in Foshan Wushu lovers from around the world. In July 1993, a teacher in Foshan Liang Guanmanem and his colleagues founded the Society for the Study of Yong Chun Quan foshanskogo. Yong Chun Quan – a martial art, which includes the same advanced technology of hands and feet, which includes hitting, pushing, throwing, creases, locks, grappling, fighting and oruzheem against him.

One of the most prominent distinguishing features of technology in the hands of Yong Chun Quan is paired exercises 'chi sao' – 'glued' hands to control the enemy and to find holes in his defense, "Chi-gerk' glued feet, 'Background sao' – fetter the hands of the enemy to bind their hands and feet, 'deceiving hands' – gliding around the vector of Otaki, who open arms – it is disclosure of defense. Technical arsenal of school is encrypted in the form of Sam Pai Foot (Triple worship the Buddha), which contains all of the 172 movements of Wing Chun. For the convenience of it is divided into three parts. The first of these is called Xiao Liang Tao (small rotation of the head), which reveals the basic principles and movements of the school. The second part – Chim Tao (Statement of the bridge), which discloses a system of movement, attack and defense techniques of the school. The third part – Beau Ji Tao (Endeavor fingers), is a secret part of the form which contains the principles of Dim Mak – strikes at vulnerable points. Each of the complexes is a step in the possession of technology the school, after mastering the first three stages of the fourth set of studies – Mook Yan Chong (wooden man), which contains all of the 172 movements of Wing Chun, but in a completely different sequence techniques are performed with full force, concentration, and maximum speed (O.

Tikhomirov 172 performs all reception for 55 seconds). The fifth set of Bart Cham Tao – machinery possession a pair of swords butterflies. The sixth set Dim Boon Kwan Luk – dedicated to working with the sixth 'rat tail'. Forms and principles of the school can not be changed, and improvise with the methods can any student. Link to the site;

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