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Public Debt Fragilizam

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Many times we ask in them what the government makes with as much money that collects by means of heavy the taxes that the companies and the people pay. The doubts if become more abundant in reason of them pssimos services that the public power offers the citizens, with prominence for the area most important and more sensible than they are the health services. It is truth that exists much inefficiency in the public administration, that the corruption and the aiding the particular ones lead to the wastefulness of a substantial part of the resources collected for the Brazilian State. However, an area exists that and champion in the expenses, where it leaves a continuous flow great money very that could be applied in the demands of the society: the financial expenses of the government. The financial expenses of the Brazilian public sector had in the last few decades taken the country to play except an amount of resources that would be enough to transform the life of each Brazilian and leave it in comfortable situation. Official site: Michael Chabon.

What if paid only of interests of the public debt on average in each year it is enough to construct and to equip 1,500 hospitals of excellent quality. Details can be found by clicking celebrity trainer or emailing the administrator. That is, with what if it spends of interests of the debt of the government in an only year it is only enough to leave the shortage with that the services of health offered by the public sector are passing have much time. The conditions, the magnitude, the taxes and the actions of the Brazilian government with regard to its debt had suffocated and are suffocating the Brazilian people. To if analyzing the financial situation of Brazil together with all the public beings verify themselves that the financial fragility is evident. In the last few decades the collection, although to be extremely high, is not enough to cover the current expenses, the interests and to amortize a little of the debt.


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