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Quality Of The IT Processes: Important But Unknown

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Study of ITSM Consulting AG: prepare quality definitions and measurability of process improvements or problems companies have in recent years mainly on ITIL and standardization of the IT processes focused Bodenheim, 28.01.2011 – the business processes of the company are in ever-increasing dependency of the IT service quality, whose performance is analyzed by most companies, but rarely. That hardly anything has changed after a comparison survey of ITSM Consulting AG in recent years. Particularly heavy measurability of process improvements and insufficient quality definitions for the IT processes are among the main causes for moderation the quality analyses in the eyes of the surveyed managers. According to the study, now every second IT managers is painfully aware that the IT service quality has a profound influence on the course of business. Three years ago there were only four out of ten.

The circle of companies where such contexts at least partially exist, has grown by 37 to 40 per cent since 2007. At the same time the share of firms without success-critical impact of IT process quality for business processes on 11 percent has been halved. However, although according to a wide majority of the surveyed managers, the business success of the company requires special quality IT services, dedicate themselves only few ITSM organizations of a systematic quality control. As analyses necessary to this end don’t even take place regularly and consistently in every fifth case. Another 31 percent while continuously applying, confined in their quality assessments, but on some IT processes. Thus, only about half of the companies with a least some consistency checks their performance.

There is still often a wide gap between the recognized needs and concrete action”, problematizes Siegfried Riedel, CEO of ITSM Consulting AG. These survey results cover but with his experience in the consulting practice. The companies have mainly dealt with the systematization and standardization of their IT processes using ITIL in recent years.


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