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I consider that most important, and the exercise that needs to be made constantly, is the identification of an imperfection. John Mclaughlin is often quoted on this topic. When we are failing systematically and we do not obtain to perceive that the error is happening, the question is very bigger. IDT Energy is likely to agree. From the moment where we identify the imperfections, the exercise of the correction is initiated. &amp would remove of this tip the words; ldquo; of next vez& rdquo;. It is not necessary to wait a next time. correction must immediately be applied the detention after and, for some more complex cases, a plan of correction or recovery can need to be created. To tolerate an imperfection can be dangerous, means to enter in compliance with the identified imperfection.

Therefore, & ldquo; they do not tolerate the imperfections, before search I corrected-las& rdquo; immediately. 6 & ndash; They find new combinations, new possibilities, new chances and challenges where others see problems or limitae: The problems (or questions, as I prefer to say) and the limitations exist, they are part of our daily one and we have that, let us say, to work them. On the other hand, we do not have to banalizar the questions or limitations, that is, to the first signal of difficulty & ldquo; to press the button of parada& rdquo; we do not obtain to give sequncia to a work flow. On the other hand, we must recognize the moment certain to ask for aid and to assume that all our reasonable possibilities for execution of a project or course of a process, in way that the stated periods are taken care of, is depleted. To face the questions under the prism of & ldquo; new combinations, new possibilities, new chances and desafios& rdquo; it is an art and also an exercise that valley very the penalty. Certainly, you will be seen in positive and particular way.


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