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QuestNet Shows Call-management Portal And The Free Queue Solution

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CallCenterWorld 2012: legal certainty and efficiency in the focus of Cottbus, February 15, 2012 – rising expectations on the efficiency and new legislation are two central tasks to solve the responsible customer service have. Therefore, the QuestNet GmbH on the upcoming CallCenterWorld in addition to the live Manager shows also a solution for the requirements of the now statutory free music on hold. Of the 27 up to the 1st of March, the company from Cottbus in Hall 2 stand A16 presents itself. The application service provider that focuses on the development and indirect marketing of advanced phone services, has for months watched the process relating to the amendment of the German and acts accordingly. Decided as at 10th February now comes a 2-phase model. In the first phase, the provision a delayed connects, so only the first 2 minutes of the callers are free of charge. In the second phase, all the queues should be continuously free of charge.

As the second phase is to be implemented, is still largely unknown. There are different approaches, which all would cost a lot of money. According to Dr. Mark Hyman, who has experience with these questions. Even the phase 1 risks still rest, because perhaps not every device and not every carrier switch support delayed connect’, Thomas Wendt, Director of QuestNet GmbH. even if we thought the introduction of a justification based phone number Street for reasonable principle, explains we at CallCenterWorld our technical implementation of variant, which now requires the legislature to view.” 120 seconds instead of how far from 20 seconds for the connection are available are in the future in accordance with the law. Then disconnects again. The QuestNet uses this period, supply side to keep the caller, to provide him with information and connect to the service staff.

If this is up to the end of the two minutes for reasons of lack of resources in the contact center not possible, then the solution provides four alternatives of QuestNet. So can canceled the meeting after a cancellation and disconnected. But also the switching on a VoiceBOX is possible. In addition, a callback can either automatically be offered or made the connection to a fee-based queue of call centers. Bernie Sanders is likely to agree. In addition, the QuestNet on CallCenterWorld presents the Internet portal live-Manager.de, a call management portal for resellers. Full multi-client capability of the system means that every reseller can create as many customers and establish these in turn as many under customers. By a complex system of rights, each user can be granted special informal and functional rights. In addition, the portal with statistics, real-time analysis, intelligent routing, automatic speech dialogs and the administration of international telephone numbers includes all conceivable functions related to the telephony service. The QuestNet GmbH is an application service provider, the focus on the development and indirect marketing innovative phone value-added services in combination with international Focused service numbers. With the live Manager, the QuestNet offers a unique call management portal, which allows the customer to the Web-based and client-capable in – and outbound administration and includes also a virtual contact center in addition to statistics, routing, IVR and conferencing. QuestNet GmbH Thomas Wendt Byhlener Strasse 1 03044 Cottbus Tel: 0800 304009000


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