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Or take a more serious example – killing a person. If I coolly conceived, planned and carried out the murder, the verdict will be very strict, but if I did not intentionally kill, or in the heat of passion, then the sentence would be much milder. If I'm at war, defending the homeland, killing the enemies of his people – then I did a hero. That is important, why and for what – for his own benefit or for the sake of protection. If to defend themselves, then this is permissible, but if protect the people, it is heroism. The truth of such a character, kill the enemies of his people, may look like a monster in the eyes of other people. War is dirty, it faced the interests of States. Countries, like people, defend their benefit in a large communal apartment, which is called 'Planet Earth'.

War is profitable even nations, caught up in it, and politicians, this war is. And here we are again rests on the intention: the war can be liberation, conquest or decisive local political issues. What is intention? Theoretically, there may be two purposes: for the sake of themselves and not for themselves. But if not for ourselves, then for whom? Growing up, people usually understands that it is associated with people and their welfare depends on the others. He learns to communicate with the outside world, be useful for people to fulfill their desires, and that in order to get a good position in society and all related benefits. There are people with whom we are bound by ties of kinship, friendship or belonging to one party, and communities, hobby groups. These people we partly identify with him and is willing to act for them.

The closer to him I feel like a man, the more readily I help him, and such help is also not beyond the scope of action for its own sake. I can touch, that is knocked out of the comfort, the trouble completely alien rights. In this case, I help him to regain his peace, though outwardly, such assistance may seem totally disinterested. No wonder they say 'good intentions lined the road to hell. " We think that we want 'the best way' and obtained 'as always', because the intention, as if it did not look beautiful all the time – for yourself. Therefore, the entire history of human civilization, we have not found the form of a happy existence. Therefore we can not negotiate with their own children. Therefore, we do not perceive much of the world around them. Our senses absorb much more information than the conscious mind, limited always directed inward and tuned to the absorption of intent. Intention can not be seen through the eyes, it involves the heart – that is desire. But you can 'enter' in my heart, study its properties: how it relates to myself, to others, to around the world. Heart can be 'expanded' and act in it, guiding, connecting, mixing together the inner strength, thoughts and desires. And then, if people can get out of the intentions for himself, then an entirely different world opens before his eyes. He will see that all people, in fact, – is himself. He feels their desires, their fears, their hopes, like his, and nothing else will have to share, to hide or fear, and acts committed with intent for the sake of others, can be really successful. Arshavsky source – online newspaper One World


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