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The specialized knowledge, organized around the rationalities of science, aimed at to free the people of the limits of the nature and to offer to ways route to a more progressive social world. If the people could reflect on its conditions, them could also analyze ways stop rationally to improve them. (…) in first the 250 dopais years of history, our pertaining to school system was constituted of seminaries, what it does not leave of being an education, rigorously, professional, although this type of education today to be called ' ' humanstica' ' . These ' ' colgios' ' they can be considered an elementary type of professional superior education (formation of priests and bureaucrats), what it confirms the teses: ) the modern pertaining to school systems are initiated for superior education; b) superior education was always a professional education; c) what it is called, today, of ' ' humanismo' ' , it was simply, the primitive form of profissionalizao.' ' These citations, in special of Popkewitz, seem to also dimensionar the concept of education to the light of the university reform of years 90, through law 5.540/68: of the separation of university and university centers and of the reduction of the duration of the superior courses. It seems us that this Reformation, taken root in the transformations of education superior in the first decades of the Republic, in centuries XIX and XX, has as objective greaters to facilitate the access to superior education by means of multiplications of facultieses, to increase the number of nocturnal courses e, mainly, to adapt the resumes to the conditions of the local market. The ideology of an education of pragmatic, economic and managemental characters seems to be the one that permeia all this reform and the one that it intends, each time more, to dissociar the education of the research, therefore, to think or to speak in democracy, practical of the multiculturalismo, in ethics, interdisciplinaridade in a context, according to Noronha (1998) ' ' where systemize education is monopoly of classrooms that withhold the power, where the development of science, of the technology in the education strong is tied with the separation between knowing and making, the theory and the practical one, between the conception and the execution, deriving of the social division and technique of trabalho' ' , they are urgent necessities which the professor not it can and it does not have to open hand to fulfill, in such a way ahead of the pertaining to school context and its workstation as well as to rethink its proper formation (reverse speed) qualification.


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