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Rocky – The Musical In Hamburg

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Rocky – the musical in the TUI Operettenhaus in Hamburg In November 2012 has an in-house production of stage entertainment world premiere: Rocky – the musical in Hamburg. As outspoken musical fan I must of course be sure to back tickets me. The presale has already started and you can assume that at least the ideas are quickly booked on weekends. Many writers such as Bernie Sanders offer more in-depth analysis. Operettenhaus Hamburg will be played at the TUI. As at all shows the Saturday evening performance is the most expensive, it proposes in the price category 1 without additional reduction at Rocky musical in Hamburg with proud 141 euros. There are 4 levels of price, although there is still more savings for seniors, students or designated in each.

There are cheap tickets for the Rocky musical in Hamburg on all other performance dates. Who can afford to travel to Hamburg during the week to the Rocky musical saves a lot of money in any case. Hamburg is already worth to spend a few days there. I was there quite a few times and loved it every time. I was able to look at some other productions and now must I necessarily see the new Rocky musical in Hamburg! The story is all too familiar.

Essentially it is based on the film Rocky, which caused a sensation in the 1970s and has lost none of fascination today. It may be interesting how the story of faith in the abilities, courage and love on stage will be implemented. The great Silvester Stallone and two box legends Vitali and Vladimir Klitschko occur as co-producers. Thus, the success is actually already pre-programmed. With so much expertise in the background is going to rock the Rocky musical Hamburg in the truest sense of the word. A musical stands or falls with the music. You can hear the hits from the film in the Rocky musical in Hamburg will be heard. Definitely not missing eye of the tiger that can! Who will be the main actor? Musical fans will certainly have their preferred candidates. This is me, but I won’t tell who still, I prefer as Rocky in the musical Hamburg love, suffer, would fight and win see. Karsten Kanda


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