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The acquisition of weapons and ammunition in the Russian Federation shall be licensing, with the exception of the acquisition of weapons and ammunition in the state paramilitary organizations. Licenses to purchase arms and ammunition are issued by the Interior on the basis of statements Citizens of the Russian Federation. Validity of license to purchase arms and ammunition – six months from the date of issuance of the license. The license application is considered the above authorities within one month from the date of its filing. The application includes information on types of weapons, which is expected to acquire, and measures taken to account for and secure weapons. The applicant also must submit to the founding and registration documents of legal entity or identity documents citizens, and others contemplated hereby documents. The grounds for denial of a license are: failure to the applicant the required information or submission of false information, inability to account for and secure weapons or failure of these conditions, while others contemplated hereby base.

In case of refusal to grant a license, these authorities must in writing inform the applicant indicating the reasons for the refusal. Refusal to license and violation of the terms of the application may be applicant appealed in court. The right to purchase weapons on the territory of the Russian Federation are: 1) state paramilitary organization, 2) entities with specific statutory tasks, 3) legal persons engaged in the manufacture of weapons, or trade them (hereinafter – legal entities – suppliers), 4) legal and natural persons involved in collecting and exhibiting of weapons, 5) sports organizations and organizations, leading hunting, and 6) organizations engaged in reindeer husbandry and horse breeding, a division of the Russian Academy of Sciences, conducting field work related to exploration, conservation and natural resources in the Far North and similar areas, specialized companies, the leading hunting and hunting sea mammals, as well as a specialized company that is hydrographic support of shipping along the Northern Sea Route, 7) educational institutions, 8), citizens of the Russian Federation, 9) foreign nationals.


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