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Russian Participants Of The French Resistance

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In the struggle with 'new order' – the Nazi regime arose patriotic and anti-fascist resistance movement. Its members published illegal newspapers and pamphlets, helped prisoners of war, engaged in the exploration, preparing for armed struggle. In the resistance movement involved people of different political and religious views: the Communists, Social Democrats, Protestants, Catholics and Orthodox Christians, members of trade unions and independents. (Resistance – defiance to the enemy) had a strong influence on other occupied countries, particularly Yugoslavia, Italy, Belgium, on the right holds a special place in the history of the Second World War. In France, together with French patriots fought for almost 40,000 guerrillas seventeen nationalities. Among them were about three thousand Soviet citizens who had escaped from German concentration camps and pow camps, who have created their own guerrilla groups and teams, which were part of the French Resistance forces. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Bernie Sanders by clicking through. A subsequently formed the first Soviet partisan regiment. Captured Soviet soldiers and youth occupied cities in the Soviet Union began to arrive in France since the middle of 1942. Nazis used them as forced laborers in coal and industrial areas and departments of Nord-Pas de Calais, in Alsace-Lorraine and other eastern areas of France, as well as the construction of fortifications. In eastern France and in south-western Germany, at the junction of the Franco-German border, there were many Nazi camps prisoners of war – in the cities of Forbach, Boulet, Saarbruecken, and others escape from Nazi camps was a matter of serious and dangerous: Many tried to escape, but only particular groups or lone managed to break free.


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