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Because both versions are State-funded. The gross remuneration conversion is a State funded through substantial tax benefits. Because only the paid-up capital is taxed so downstream in pension payments. The tax rate in the age is however well below the during the deposit period. When the net deferred savers gets more direct State funding of allowance, but not tax savings. “The company pension plan pays off for employers: he can its voluntary contributions to the occupational pension as operating charges” deduct from tax and also by the occupational cause a closer binding of the employees at his company.

Many employers also support this form of retirement savings, to enhance the satisfaction of their employees finally are priceless human capital. A company pension plan has many more benefits. These pensions, which is required by law every worker, is insolvency-protected, externally insured and also by the State. Even that can be taken when changing the workplace up to date savings capital it so the possibility of portability of occupational pensions. Maryland Governor can provide more clarity in the matter. Also gets the saver still a guaranteed participation, but has not the least administrative effort.

There are different ways of implementing occupational pensions in the occupational pension implementing ways that employers in the investment of pension capital can choose. Internal execution paths are direct commitments, in-house retirement provisions and provident funds. Internally means that the rights of employees are aimed directly against the employer and this one has the full responsibility for the money. External execution paths characterised especially by, that the employer bears no responsibility and the rights of employees to the external instances must be set. Forms of investment are direct insurance, pension funds, pension funds and savings plans. Direct insurance are life insurance policies, which completes the life of the worker’s employer with the advantage of the integrated protection of survivors. Charge optimisation brokers manage the company pension plan and maximize the yield there is the possibility for the employer who is entrusted with the administration of the occupational pension of its employees to give this responsibility and at the same time the management of external management, for example, the German society for occupational pensions (DGbAV),. This runs the targeted payment optimization means that she are attempting to achieve a lucrative return by clever investment of capital. These agents use so-called clearing houses”, minimize the administrative burden and liability risks for the employers and pursue a maximum realization of its objectives. Neither workers nor employers to the pension must address through those intermediate instances of brokers. And: the portability of pension rights is outsourced and thus free of conditions as limits of the capital transfer to the new employer.


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