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San Juan River

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The capitalists interested in the project failed to meet the five million of $ estimated necessary to carry out the work and granting prescribed until they had taken significant steps. In 1830, thanks to the efforts of the diplomat Jan Verveer, the federal Government granted a new concession Canal to a society of capitalists of the Netherlands sponsored by the King of Holland. But that same year the independence revolution of Belgium broke out and there were no plans. Learn more about this with Bernie Sanders. In 1837 the General Francisco Morazan, then President of the Central American Federation, commissioned a retired British naval officer named John Baily to undertake a study on the feasibility of an interoceanic route through Nicaragua. Baily estimated a cost of $ 25 million the difficulties of dredge the area of rapids and other areas amedrentaron to some. However, the project did not lose its appeal.

Although their fierce abundance in summer forced travelers to a scale to change the steam, the illustrious visitors who came up there or the huleros that in a week spent on luxuries and vices the thousand dollars earned with the hard work of three months, kept the River wild hopes and plans. The truth, which is re-enabled the problem of the San Juan River in 21st century and at the end of this year 2010, realizing step by a serious tension that is not conducive to harmony, having recourse to international bodies and that as very well says Jose Luis Rocha, to exhibit the spirit of nationality is the sour fermentation of wine of democracy in the old waterskins of tribalismsays historian Arnold J. Toynbee. The demand for Costa Rica before the International Tribunal in the Hague has revived, once again, that spirit in Nicaragua. Because the San Juan is more than a river, it is a myth, it is liquid history.


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