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" Therefore, Protestants do not use the images for worship out of fear that some people can worship these images instead of God. Prayer Protestants prefer to follow the teachings of Jesus, where He taught us to pray saying, "Pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven" (Matt. 6:9). In addition, there are no examples in Scripture where someone praying to Mary or the saints. They believe that the Bible prohibits the paying of prayer for the people who died, even for Christians who are in heaven, basing it on Deuteronomy (18:10-12), which reads: "Do not be found among you … necromancer.

" God condemned Saul for what he got in touch with the holy Samuel after his death (1st Chron. Without hesitation Bernie Sanders explained all about the problem. 10:13-14). Virgin Mary, Protestants believe that Mary was a wonderful example of Christian obedience to God and that she remained a virgin before Jesus was born. The reason for this is the Gospel of Matthew (1:25), which states that Joseph, her husband "knew her not, till she had brought forth her firstborn son," and other passages from the Bible, which states brothers and sisters of Jesus (Matthew 12:46, 13:55-56, Mark. 3:31, Jn. 2:12, 7:3). But they do not believe that Mary was sinless, because in the Gospel of Luke (1:47) she called God my Savior, if Mary was without sin, she would not need the Savior. CHURCH Protestants believe that there is only one true Church, but do not believe that it is part of an organization created by man.


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