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Scar Treatment Cream

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How to get too ugly scars with ointment right away… The latest innovation from Biodermis in the form of a rotary PIN is the mobile alternative, if you want to have it both ways: an effective scar treatment and a simple and flexible handling. Silikoncremes already for a long time are established in the treatment of scars and wound healing. The advantages of Silikoncremes are in unbeatable: due to the high proportion of silicone seals the cream with a kind of protective film the surface of scars and creates an ideal climate for the scar on this way. Pro-SIL combines all of these features, without however to bring the same features as a cream or ointment. Instead, Pro-SIL is the ideal companion for travelling. The patented T-bar is drip – and spill-proof, and easy to use. Just like a lipstick can man (or woman) him quickly and discreetly applying.

By the small format, it fits well in handbags or in your pocket and is so very discreetly tucked away. The advantages of the Silikoncreme, so the special film of moisture and the creation of the ideal healing climate, remain of course at the swivel pin. Because hypertrophic and keloid scars need a very special climate to discreet and flat, bright scars to heal. Even if it’s mostly smaller scars, which can be treated with Pro-SIL, also watching this for the carriers are very stressful. Pro-SIL is therefore not only care for the scar, but also care for the soul: on the road, in the Office or on a business trip quickly and efficiently to treat scars, the own body feeling good. And by the ease of use, the treatment does not restrict also the everyday, additional dates for the therapeutic treatment at a doctor’s Office can be omitted most of the time.


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