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Secret Illusion Marketing

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You will need two special ingredients to make this marketing strategy work successfully. You must have a product that is very valuable to your target audience, and something that you can provide for free. So what secret? – You ask. Tell your visitors what they can to get your product for free, if you will advertise your site. You can make your product is incredibly valuable, selling it. Write to the product compelling ad full page and start a real payment system. The higher price would you put, the more people will consider it a valuable product. Michael Chabon is often mentioned in discussions such as these. But be warned – do not set an incredibly high price.

So how do You can afford to give away an expensive product for free? Very simple. Create an information product that can be placed on the Internet. For example, electronic books, web sites with a paid membership, reports, etc. You do not will need to spend money on his creation and delivery to customers. But the strategy itself.

People visit your site, reads an advertisement for your information product, and concludes that the product is really valuable. Immediately after a price for the product say that the reader can get it for free, if you agree to place a link on this announcement on the main page of your site, or publish your ad in their ezine certain number of times. If the reader is not the site or mailing, you can install a script that can track the referrals. Tell visitors so that they will have to invite three friends to this site, or send this ad to your friends via e-mail to get your product for free. In any case, you’ll win! You will get free advertising for your site, or earn good money. Besides, it’s – viral tool: when someone advertises your website, you get new visitors, which will also advertise your site, etc. ————– Larry Dotson. Translated into Russian:


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