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Secrets Of Success

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Secrets of success and financial freedom. As in all currents of thought always there are authors that support one or the other position, and in the case of the theories of success and wealth is no exception since if you investigate a little, you’ll find adherents at both ends, i.e.; those who claim there are NO secrets to success and those who claim that if there is them. In honor of the truth, both positions are correct, since many of the secrets of success are values and habits that we all know, such as: discipline, perseverance, action, etc.But. Despite being known by all concepts, the problem is that we are not aware (and this is very, but very important) the following aspects: what really means putting in practice of the value in question. The relationship between the value – habit in question with other secrets see more detail these two implications taking as an example, the value of perseverance. Secret of success: perseverance. 1.

Involvement of the perseverance value in practice. If you ask what is the perseverance? Everyone would surely have some response, but very few are aware of the true meaning to apply it, IE; beyond definitions, let’s for example Tomas Alva Edison and its more than 5000 attempts to invent the light bulb, put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself, how many times tried to reach your ultimate goal are 10, 20, 100? really no matter how many times, since the secret of this aptitude, value or habit is that once you decide to perform an actionYou must try to reach it, IE; NEVER, never, never, never but never surrender, to achieve it, no matter if they did lack 100, 500, 1000, or 10,000 attempts, ought to follow to achieve it, as Edison did. Surely these thousands of attempts to represent years of work, it never entered his mind the idea of giving up, he had been proposed for inventing the focus, and not going to stop until you achieve it, although that will mean dying in the attempt, that perhaps life had not reached him to achieve it, pore he would continue trying while you were able to do so.Now well after analyzing a little perseverance of Edison, I ask you, really? persevering in your goals, I confess that I thought me a persevering person, until I understood the true essence of the concept, and I realized that it was far be it, since some failed attempts were sufficient for giving up and discard the option, and then begin to look for other options has.


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